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Opaque Round Still Light No Flash Blue Beads


Dimensions: Length: 30″
LED Colors: Blue
Printable: No
Weight: 0.104 lbs
Packs per box: 144 pcs.
Batteries: 3 Replaceable AG13 Batteries pre-installed


Quantity Price
1-5 $2.79
6-11 $2.76
12-71 $2.72
72-143 $2.69
144-287 $2.64
288-575 $2.59
576-899 $2.54
900-1551 $2.49
1552+ $2.44

Heya! I’m The Electric Jester – Unquenchable 4th of July Blue LED Necklace! You may think I’m just a necklace, but I’m more than that – I’m a beacon of celebration, a burst of vibrant energy, and your partner in a power outage! 💙🎉

When the town’s power went out during the Fourth of July celebration, it wasn’t a disaster – it was my time to shine! With my gleaming blue LED beads, I was a savior of the party, casting an irresistible azure glow on the spontaneous dance-off. 🌟💃

Sure, there were no electronics, but who needed them when you had me? I’m the proof that joy and celebration are far from being canceled by a simple blackout. And yes, I’m still proud of that! 😉🎆

You might be thinking, how did I keep glowing all night long? Well, I’m powered by three AG13 batteries, and they’re replaceable. That means you can count on me to keep the party going, year after year. 🕺🔋

I’m 30 inches of pure fun, strung with a total of 6 LED beads. The rest of my body is adorned with opaque round Mardi Gras beads, adding that festive carnival touch. And when you’re ready to light up the night, just remove my battery protector and press my button – I’ll dazzle you with my steady blue light function. 🏮💡

Whether it’s the 4th of July, Mardi Gras, or any festive occasion, I’m your go-to. So, let’s make some glowing memories together, shall we? Trust The Electric Jester to turn every event into an electrifying celebration! ⚡🎊

  • 🌟 I am a stylish blue LED necklace that’s perfect for lighting up your 4th of July celebrations or any festive occasion.
  • 📿 With my combination of 6 LED beads and opaque round Mardi Gras beads, I offer a unique and versatile style.
  • 🔋 Powered by 3 AG13 batteries, I ensure a steady, long-lasting glow, adding charm to your party. And they’re replaceable!
  • 💃 Despite my 30″ length, I’m incredibly lightweight at just 0.104 lbs. You can dance the night away without a care!
  • 🔦 Blackout during the party? No problem! My cool blue light is ready to keep the joy alive, no matter the situation.
  • 🌟 I’m not just an accessory, I’m a beacon of celebration. My steady light function is easily activated with a single button press.
  • 🇺🇸 Show off your patriotic spirit! My blue LED lights are perfect for the 4th of July, representing freedom and unity.
  • 🎭 Don’t forget Mardi Gras! My chic opaque beads add a festive touch, ideal for any carnival or fun-filled gathering.
  • 🎉 Birthdays, anniversaries, or holiday parties, I’m the perfect accessory to enhance the joy of any event.
  • 👗 Draped around your neck or wrist, my blue light is sure to make you the center of attention at any celebration.

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