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LED Necklace with Pink Beads


1️⃣ 🎉Party Ready: Pink Pizzazz LED Necklace Beads are an electrifying way to jazz up any event – Mardi Gras, Fundraising, 5Ks, or any occasion.

2️⃣ 🔆LED Magic: Enjoy the charm of metallic pink beads with 6 of them evenly spaced and ready to light up your world.

3️⃣ 📿Beady Delight: Pink, glowing, and beady – I’m a sight for sore eyes, ready to make you the center of attention.

4️⃣ 🔋Power-Packed: My energy comes from three replaceable AG13 batteries that ensure I never run out of glow.

5️⃣ ⚙️User-Friendly: To activate, just remove the battery protector and press the button for flash, blink, or steady light modes.

6️⃣ 💫Star in a Flash: Need a quick exit or a costume change? My breakaway clasp ensures safety and speedy removal.

7️⃣ 📏Just Right: I’m perfectly sized at a 30″ length, draping elegantly over any outfit for that additional flair.

8️⃣ 🎈Light as a Feather: At a mere weight of 0.115 lbs, I won’t weigh you down. Dance, prance, and party without worry.

9️⃣ 💝Safety First: Not just style, I bring safety to the table with my breakaway clasp – because safety should never be compromised for style.

🔟 🌈Flexible Style: Flash, blink, or steady light modes – choose the style that suits your vibe.

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1-2 $3.59
3-5 $3.57
6-11 $3.54
12-71 $3.49
72-143 $3.44
144-287 $3.39
288-575 $3.34
576-1151 $3.29
1152+ $3.19
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Hi there, I’m Pinky! 🌺 I’m not just any necklace; I’m a full-on fun factory that loves to light up your world. As a Pink Pizzazz LED Necklace, I’m all about adding an electrifying touch to any event. Whether it’s Mardi Gras, a fundraiser, or a lively 5K, I’m your best bet for a good time!💃

Just look at my dazzling, metallic pink beads – six of which light up like tiny, bright stars!🌟 There’s always a party around my neck. I’m like a miniature carnival you can wear! Oh, and did I mention my breakaway clasp? It’s all about your safety and quick costume changes.👌

My pink LED lights come in three fun modes – flash, blink, and steady. 🚦 Just remove the battery protector, press my button, and voila! I’m a light show on a string. And don’t worry about losing your sparkle; my batteries (three AG13s, if you’re curious) are totally replaceable. 💡

But let’s talk dimensions – I come in a convenient 30″ length, perfect for draping over any outfit. Plus, I weigh a lightweight 0.115 lbs, so I won’t weigh you down during those high-energy dance-offs! 💪

So, are you ready to party with Pinky? I promise, together, we can light up any event with fabulous pink pizzazz! 🎉