The Party Man

A blinky is a flashing light that some wear everyday.

Others find them better for a party or soiree.
I met a silly fellow at his birthday party bash
He wore one hundred blinkies – his outfit was a smash.
So I went and bought one thousand not to be outdone
And when I put them on I looked brighter than the sun.
I showed up right on time for a blowout celebration.
My outfit caused a mighty stir and quite a huge sensation.
People love to celebrate. They love a get-together.
Party people won’t be stopped by any type of weather.
A party’s always better with some flashing party favors
They come in red or green or blue or many other flavors.
So next time you’re invited to a shindig or a dinner
Deck out your clothes with blinkees and you’re sure to be a winner.
And for your celebrations and for your fancy fests
Make sure to give out blinkies to all your special guests.