Avoid this Epic Party Fail

Not only did this loving husband give his wife the party of her dreams, he also bragged about it all over the internet. This post on Imgur from 2013 is by this super spouse.

Husband of the Year Award


My wife wanted a run-of-the-mill birthday party. I asked her, “So just a generic party?” This is the result. Thanks to redditor Squirrelconnect for posting this Imgur link and giving me the idea.

It’s Funny on Paper

But put into action, not so much.

This reminds me of when I was planning to propose marriage to my wife and I kept dropping hints about how I was going to ask her on New Years Eve around all her friends and she kept warning me not to without explicitly telling me not to. I kept deluding myself that she didn’t actually know what I was intending and I ended up popping the question in grand style.

She said yes, but the next day she definitely expressed her displeasure to me about how I went about it.

I feel like this husband really built up a false narrative in his mind about this party and did it mostly for himself. I mean posting it all over the internet with huge photos kind of backs up my point here.


Clever But Cold

I do get a chuckle at this idea, but I bet this guy slept on the couch for weeks after this.


Inspired By…

The worst thing about this is that this wasn’t even this guys original idea. 


Don’t Be a Wise Guy

Instead of being a smart Alec with your wife, decorate the party the right way. These LED curtains scream PARTY! Tack these up on the wall and your birthday girl will feel special. 


Treat Your Princess Right

No plain black generic crowns here. She will have so much fun and she’ll be the center of attention in her jeweled light up tiara.