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The Birthday Boy (and his Party Lights)

The Birthday Boy
(and his Party Lights)

One morning on his birthday a happy little boy
Asked his Mom and Dad for a special flashing toy
Bo said “I’m not a raver but there is one special thing.
For my birthday present I want a flashing ring.
And at my birthday party just so I don’t get bored
Will you pretty pretty please get me a blinking sword?
And then while you are at it I’d like a light up cup
And can I have a collar? One that lights up for my pup?
But wait now I’m not finished. There’s one more thing I’d like
Some flashing blinking valve caps for the tires on my bike.
I want my birthday party to really knock em dead.”
Bo then took a couple breaths then this is what he said,
“Since I was a baby my wish has always been.
To have my birthday party and wear a blinky pin.
And here’s another birthday wish that I have never spoken:
To put into my goodie bags a flashing birthday token.
Are you catching on? Do you get what I’m thinking.
I’ll say it plain so you will know I want my party blinking.”
And then he had his party. It was a huge success.
And every single of his guests was really quite impressed.
One charming girl named Blaire acquired mighty flare
When she clipped a Glowby light into her pretty hair.
And silly Billie-Bill looked funky and quite chill
When he put into his mouth a flashing blinking grill.
And cutie little Anne had a brainy little plan.
She programmed “Happy Birthday” in a programmable fan.
The party ended late. It was dark at any rate.
And every kid was safe on his bike or on his skates.
Because each wore a blinky home they all had visibility
This led to all the parents having peace and some tranquility
They knew the cars could see their kids with blinkies on them all
And every single kid got home without a stop or stall.
So remember birthday blinkies next time you have a bash.
And be like Bo the birthday boy and make your party flash.