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Opaque Round Still Light No Flash Purple Beads


💜 Regal Purple LEDs: Adorned with six purple LED beads that cast a noble glow, perfect for those who wish to rule the night with a touch of elegance.

🔋 User-Friendly Power: Powered by three AG13 batteries, these are not only replaceable but ensure your reign as the life of the party lasts all night.

📏 Queenly Length: With a majestic 30-inch span, this necklace adorns you with the perfect length for a royal presence at any event.

🎭 Mardi Gras Ready: Embrace the spirit of the carnival with opaque beads complementing the LED ones, ideal for Mardi Gras or any festive parade.

Steady Illumination: A single button activates a steady light function, offering a constant glow without the distraction of blinking lights.

🛠️ Easy Activation: A simple removal of the battery protector and a press of a button is all it takes to unleash the luminous potential of this piece.

🌟 Breakaway Clasp: Equipped with a safety feature, the breakaway clasp allows for quick and secure fastening and removal.

🎉 Festive Functionality: Designed not only for its beauty but also for functionality, the necklace is a perfect companion for long nights of celebration.

💡 Illuminate in Style: Each LED bead is spaced to provide a balanced glow, ensuring you shine with a sophisticated flair.

🕺 Dance Floor Dazzle: Whether you’re grooving at a festival or dancing at a party, these lights won’t quit until the music stops.

Quantity Price
1-5 $2.99
6-11 $2.94
12-71 $2.89
72-143 $2.84
144-287 $2.79
288-575 $2.74
576-899 $2.69
900-1551 $2.59
1552+ $2.49

Hey, I’m Gweyn, the Still-Lighting Purple Beaded Necklace that’s all about that royal vibe with a side of spunk! 🟣✨

Strung with panache and a touch of the night’s mystery, I come in a glorious 30 inches of purple magic. My six LED beads are like the crown jewels of your outfit, ensuring you’re the luminary of any soiree. 💜🔮

Mardi Gras? Festivals? Random Tuesday? I’m your go-to neck candy for every calendar date. And with a fancy breakaway clasp, I’ve got the grace of a queen – parting is such sweet sorrow, but with me, it’s also safe and swift. 👑💔

Worried about power? Fear not! I’m armed with three AG13 batteries, and yes, they’re as replaceable as the lead in a mechanical pencil. Keep the glow going all night long! 🎉🔋

To activate my steady light function, just give that battery protector a tug and press my button. Boom – you’re now officially the beacon of cool. No flicker, no SOS signals, just pure, uninterrupted glow. 💡🎈

Sure, the rest of my beads might be opaque, but that’s just so my LED siblings can shine brighter, like stars against the night sky. And let’s be real – who needs all that light-up fuss when you’ve got sophistication like mine? 🌌🤷‍♀️

With me around your neck, you’re not just making a statement. You’re starting a movement – a movement that says, “Yes, I look good in purple, and I light up the room, both figuratively and literally.” So go ahead, wear me proud! 🏳️‍🌈🎊

Let’s get this purple party started, shall we? Strap on Gweyn, the necklace that’s got more personality than a peacock at a penguin party, and let’s make every moment shine! 🦚🥳

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