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Opaque Round Still Light No Flash Green Beads


🍀 Vivid Green LEDs: Featuring six brilliant green LED beads that illuminate with an enchanting glow to light up any celebration.

🔋 Convenient Power: Powered by three AG13 batteries, these are easily replaceable to ensure your light shines all through the night.

📏 Perfect Length: The necklace measures a comfortable 30 inches, ideal for a draped look that suits all styles and occasions.

🎉 Party Essential: Designed with festive opaque Mardi Gras beads, perfect for adding a touch of merriment to your ensemble.

🛠️ Simple Activation: Just remove the battery protector and press the button for a steady illumination that enhances your party vibe.

🏮 Steady Glow: The steady light function provides a constant stream of green light, adding a magical touch to your look.

🎭 Mardi Gras Ready: With a mix of LED and traditional beads, this necklace is your go-to accessory for Mardi Gras parades and parties.

🔗 Breakaway Clasp: Includes a breakaway clasp for safety, making it easy to put on and remove without messing up your hair or makeup.

💚 Emerald Elegance: The green LEDs offer a rich, emerald shine, perfect for standing out in a crowd or dark environment.

🥳 Festive Flair: Add a pop of color and light to festivals, birthdays, or any occasion where you want to shine bright.

Quantity Price
1-5 $2.99
6-11 $2.94
12-71 $2.89
72-143 $2.84
144-287 $2.79
288-575 $2.74
576-899 $2.69
900-1551 $2.59
1552+ $2.49

Hello! I’m Sevi-Gree, the necklace that turns every head with my emerald glow and charming beads! Let’s dive into my world, shall we? 🌟

Strung with pride, I’m 30 inches of pure Mardi Gras enthusiasm, ready to jazz up any parade, festival, or party you can think of. With my vibrant green LED beads interspersed among classic opaque ones, I’m the soul of the celebration. 💚🎉

I’m not just about good looks; I’ve got brains too. Armed with three AG13 batteries, I’m replaceable, renewable, and ready to light up your night over and over again. Think of me as the gift that keeps on giving! 🔋✨

Safety? Oh, I’ve got you covered with my breakaway clasp. It’s like the eject button in a spy car – there when you need it, and oh-so-smooth. 💔🚀

Turning me on is as easy as pressing a button – literally. Just remove my battery protector, give that button a tap, and watch me shine with a steady green light that says, “This party’s just got started!” 💡🎈

The rest of my beads may be playing it cool in the background, but we all know the stars of the show are my six LED performers, turning the night into day. 🌃➡️🌅

With a smile as bright as mine, you won’t need any other accessories. I’m not just Sevi-Gree, I’m your ticket to being the life and light of the party. So why blend in when you were born to stand out? 🌟👑

Get ready to be the envy of every festive outing. With Sevi-Gree, the necklace that’s more electrifying than a lightning bolt, you’re not just attending the event; you’re making it. Let’s glow crazy, shall we? 🎊💃

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