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Why Magic Matt?

That remains the eternal mystery.
Strictly speaking blinkys belong to the twenty first century.
Micro LED’s developed from the compact requirements of modern cellphones.
Seventies style quadraphonic stereo LED’s being too ungainly requiring way too much space.
So engineers incorporated tiny diodes to light the dials.
Next pioneers isolated the tiny diodes and added a magnetic sandwich whereby they wore them on their bodies especially the ears and soon enough the general round shape was improved so that shapes of stars, hearts, et cetera were cut out of the PCB (printed circuit board.)
Of course since color could be silk screened Santa Claus and the Stars and Stripes soon came reeling off of the assembly line.
Guess what.
Magic Matt was there from the start, pioneering the art of hawking electronic jewelry all over the place.
I was either at a Giants game seruptitiously selling flashing charms in the bleachers or at Fisherman’s Wharf brightening passerby’s eyes barking “Flashing jewelry – two for five dollars. Five per pair.”
At times not even able to keep up with the raging customer flow.
It was a bold way to break in to business, then my website made me legit.
Thanks for your visit.
And realize I always strive to provide the most complete patron satisfaction I can muster.
So stop meandering here on this silly text and get back to shopping my friend!