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)'( A Burning Fan Dude )'(

A Burning Fan Dude

I’ll tell you a tale since I’m in the mood.
Its a glowing account of a burning fan dude.
There are a few things that set him apart.
He surely likes music and radical art.
He must be quite flush and quite a wage earner.
Because it’s expensive when you’re a burner.
A tent and a hat aren’t your only concern.
Of course you’ll need tickets to go to the burn.
And then you’ll need blinkees and lights that you like.
To deck out your body, your kids and your bike.
You’ll want to put lights on the frame and the tire.
Use glow sticks and blinkees and some el wire.
Where can you pick up your flashing light stock?
Trip toys for lighting your way at Black Rock?
Of course you’ll need bargains and plenty of thrifting.
Out on the playa there’s plenty of gifting.
So come get our blinkies because they’re the bomb.
You’ll find all you need here at