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Opaque Round Still Light No Flash White Beads


Dimensions: Length: 30″
LED Colors: White
Printable: No
Weight: 0.104 lbs
Packs per box: 144 pcs.
Batteries: 3 Replaceable AG13 Batteries pre-installed


Quantity Price
1-5 $2.79
6-11 $2.76
12-71 $2.72
72-143 $2.69
144-287 $2.64
288-575 $2.59
576-899 $2.54
900-1551 $2.49
1552+ $2.44

Hey there, it’s me, The Jolly Jiggler – Unstoppable 4th of July LED Necklace. Don’t let my still light and no flash demeanor fool you! I’m your perfect companion for a spontaneous dance-off, blackout or not! 😉

Remember the irony when the town’s power went out during the Fourth of July celebration? That’s where I shone, literally and figuratively. 🌟🇺🇸

In a sea of darkness, my white LED beads sparkled, basking everyone in a warm, soft glow. Like little stars on a moonless night, my LED lights brought joy to the faces around me. I was the life of the party, proving that joy indeed can’t be canceled by a blackout. 🎉🔦

Don’t let my lightweight (only 0.104 lbs) fool you, I’m packed with (3) AG13 batteries that keep me shining all night long. And guess what? They’re replaceable! So we can keep the party going, year after year. 💃🔋

My 30″ long body, adorned with 6 LED beads, is elegantly crafted with opaque round Mardi Gras beads, adding to my charm and panache. When the LEDs are off, I can still jazz up your outfit with a chic, festive touch. And when it’s time to bring on the light show, just remove my battery protector, press my button, and voila! An instant, steady light function. 💡📿

Whether it’s for the 4th of July, Mardi Gras, or any celebration, trust me, The Jolly Jiggler, to be your trusty sidekick. Let’s create luminous memories together! 🌟🎆

  • 🌟 Bring on the fun with my steady white LED lights, perfect for adding a magical touch to any event.
  • 📿 With my 30″ length and my combination of 6 LED and opaque round Mardi Gras beads, I’m stylish and versatile.
  • 🔋 I’m powered by 3 AG13 batteries, ensuring long-lasting shine for the whole party! Plus, they’re replaceable.
  • 💃 Weighing in at just 0.104 lbs, I’m a lightweight accessory, perfect for any dance-off or party situation.
  • 🔦 From 4th of July celebrations to sudden blackouts, I’m your trusty companion to light up the night.
  • 🌟 Activation is a breeze! Simply remove the battery protector and press the button for an instant, steady light function.
  • 🇺🇸 I’m the perfect blend of patriotic and party-ready, ideal for your 4th of July celebrations.
  • 🎭 With my Mardi Gras beads, I’m also your stylish accessory for any carnival or festive gathering.
  • 🎉 Not just for holidays, I’m a perfect accessory for any joyful gathering, from birthdays to anniversaries.
  • 👗 Wear me around your neck or drape me around your wrist. I’m versatile, fun, and always ready to party.

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