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Light Up Hawaiian Flower Lei Necklace Green


  • 💡 Get ready to turn heads with the Green LED Flower Party Necklace, offering luminous green LED colors for an unforgettable night. 🎉
  • 🔋 Equipped with three AG13 batteries, the necklace ensures uninterrupted, energized party fun. No more worrying about running out of juice. 🎈
  • 📏 With a convenient length of 31″, our LED Leis are designed to fit anyone, adding a touch of tropical vibe to your party look. 🌺
  • ⚖️ A feather-light weight of 0.09 lbs means you can dance, jump, and have fun without feeling weighed down. 💃
  • 🚀 Activation is a breeze. Just remove the pull tab from the battery house and press the button to bring the lei to life. 🕺
  • 🎇 With 2 LED functions – flash and steady, you can customize your lighting according to the mood of the party. 😎
  • 🌴 Perfect for any paradise or tropical-themed party, the Green Lei Necklace is your ultimate party companion. 🥳
  • 🎓 Celebrating graduation? The Green LED Flower Leis are just what you need to make the party even more special. 🎉
  • 🍹 Add a unique Hawaiian flair to your next luau with the flashy LED Leis, guaranteed to make your event memorable. 🌺
  • 🏖️ Paradise-themed parties just got better with our flashing LED Leis. They are your must-have accessory for unforgettable nights. 🎊
Quantity Price
1-5 $2.39
6-11 $2.37
12-59 $2.34
48-119 $2.29
144-359 $2.24
288-719 $2.19
576-1439 $2.09
1152+ $1.94

Hi there, I’m Encanto, your go-to party buddy! 😃 With my sleek design, I light up any party, literally!💡

Don’t mistake me for just a pretty face though. I’m not your ordinary party accessory, no sir! I’m a Green LED Flower Party Necklace and I come alive at night!✨

I’m vibrant and bright, with lovely green LEDs that will have you be the talk of the tropics. Ever wanted to bring a piece of paradise to your party? Well, now you can, with me by your side!🌴

I’m a light and breezy lei, weighing only 0.09 lbs. You can dance, jump, and groove without me cramping your style.💃🕺

Activating me is as easy as removing a pull tab from my battery house and pressing a button. I have 2 LED functions: flash and steady. Depending on your mood, I can either be a pulsating party animal or a serene, steady glow. 🌟

Whether you’re celebrating a graduation or hosting a luau, I’m the life of the party. 🎉💚 I may not be able to do the hula, but I sure can light up your party. Let’s create some unforgettable memories together, shall we? 🎊

Remember, I’m not just a Green LED Flower Party Necklace. I’m Encanto, your ticket to an unforgettable tropical celebration. Let’s party!🥳

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