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LED Flashing Christmas Cowboy Red Santa Clause Western Holiday Hat


  • 🤠 Ultimate Fusion: Merging the best of two worlds, Santi offers a unique blend of classic Santa charm with the rugged cowboy spirit. Step into the festive season with a twist!
  • 🎅 Authentic Design: Crafted with attention to detail, this Cowboy Santa Claus Christmas Hat embodies the spirit of the holidays while nodding to the Wild West.
  • 💡 LED Brilliance: Equipped with bright white LEDs, this hat ensures you shine brighter than a Christmas star, whether you’re at a party, rodeo, or trick-or-treating.
  • 🎉 Versatile Usage: Perfect for Christmas & Birthday Parties, Cowboy-Themed Events, and even as a Halloween accessory. Santi promises endless fun and flair.
  • 🌟 Three Light Modes: Choose your vibe! With flash, blink, and steady options, you’re in control of the festive glow radiating from your hat.
  • 🎄 Furry and Festive: The fur trim isn’t just for aesthetics—it lights up! Offering an added layer of festivity to your ensemble, making you the talk of any party.
  • 🔋 User-Friendly Functionality: Easy activation with a button press after removing the pull tab. Powered by three AG10 batteries, which are replaceable, ensuring prolonged merriment.
  • 🧢 One-Size Wonder: Designed to fit most, Santi comfortably accommodates head sizes up to 22 inches, ensuring everyone can join in on the holiday cowboy fun.
  • 🕺 Lightweight and Comfy: Weighing just 1.185 lbs, this hat ensures comfort without compromising on the festive factor, making it perfect for all-night celebrations.
  • 🎁 Perfect Gift: Looking for a unique holiday gift? With its blend of tradition and twist, Santi is a standout present for loved ones with a sense of humor and style.
Quantity Price
1-2 $7.99
3-5 $7.94
6-11 $7.89
12-47 $7.79
48-95 $7.69
96-239 $7.59
240-479 $7.49
480-959 $7.29
960+ $6.99

Howdy folks! 🤠 Meet Santi. He ain’t your regular Santa hat. Nope, he’s been to a rodeo or two. This ain’t Santi’s first ho-ho-hoedown.

So, y’all ever wondered what would happen if the wild west met the North Pole? 🌵❄️Well, wonder no more. You’re looking at the magnificent, the legendary, the lit (quite literally) Cowboy Santa Claus Christmas Hat! 🎅

Santi comes with an LED trim, brighter than the North Star. And when I say bright, I mean like, Rudolph’s-nose-on-a-foggy-night kind of bright. With just a push of a button, you can cycle through the electric rodeo of flash, blink, and the steady glow. Be the shining star at Christmas parties, the coolest cowboy at rodeos, or even spook some folks as a yuletide cowboy ghost during Halloween. 🎄🎉👻

And let’s chat about his fur. It ain’t just there for the looks, though it sure does add a touch of festive finesse. This fur lights up with white LEDs, ensuring you’re not just the life of the party, but also the light of it. Be warned: wearing Santi might make you the subject of a couple of holiday carols or cowboy ballads! 🎵

Wondering about the fit? Santi’s a one-size-charmer, fitting most head sizes up to 22 inches. As for batteries? Santi’s got you. With three replaceable AG10s, he’s geared to keep the holiday spirit brighter for longer. You can trust him to keep shining even if the party goes all night. 🎊

To set Santi’s lights a-dancin’, simply remove the pull tab, give that button a press, and let the Christmas cowboy magic unfold. Whether it’s a Christmas bash, a cowboy shindig, or a spooky soirée, Santi’s got your head covered—literally and luminously. 🌟

So, partners, get ready to giddy-up and glow this festive season with Santi on your side! 🤩🌲🤠.

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