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Light Up Christmas Reindeer Antlers with Tiara Lighted Headband


  1. Don majestic Red LED Antlers, radiating a regal glow with 3 high-intensity lights per antler. 🦌🔴
  2. Embrace the Christmas spirit with a Tiara that shines, adorned with gemstones and festive holly. 👑✨
  3. Enjoy an endless celebration; these antlers are powered by replaceable AG13 batteries. 🔋🔄
  4. Fit for royalty, the headband’s dimensions ensure a grand presence: Antlers measure 10.5 by 9.5 inches. 📏👸
  5. The tiara, compact and elegant, spans 4 inches wide and stands 1.5 inches tall, a perfect crown fit. 🎀📐
  6. With the push of a button, toggle through blink, flash, and steady modes to match your holiday cheer. 🎉💡
  7. Crafted for universal crowning, the one-size headband comfortably adorns most merry-makers. 🌟👪
  8. A quick pull-tab activation gets the festivities started, lighting up your holiday instantly. 🎄✨
  9. Revel in the holly-jolly ambiance as the LED red lights illuminate your Christmas ensemble. 🎅🚨
  10. Perfect for holiday parties or as a whimsical accessory, the light-up antlers add a touch of seasonal magic. 🥳❄️
Quantity Price
1-2 $4.99
3-5 $4.94
6-11 $4.89
12-71 $4.84
72-143 $4.79
144-287 $4.69
288-575 $4.59
576-1151 $4.49
1152+ $4.29

Hello, darlings, I’m Randie, the dazzling queen of the festive headgear realm! Crown thy noble head with my luminous antlers, and let’s turn that silent night into a bright one. 🦌✨

Each of my antlered spikes is a beacon of Yuletide joy, with three ruby-red LEDs that rival Rudolph’s famous snout. Oh, and they’re not just for the North Pole fashionistas – whether you’re at a tacky sweater showdown or the grand marshal of the holiday parade, I’m your go-to gal. 🎅💡

Now, let’s talk about my crown jewel, a tiara inlaid with the shiniest of gemstones because, let’s face it, you’re royalty and your headwear should be nothing less! As for the holly decoration, it’s not just for decking the halls, but perfect for decking your ‘do with a bit of holi-dazzle. 🌟🍃

A simple press of a button unleashes a spectrum of sequences: a twinkle here, a shimmer there, and a steadfast glow to outshine the star atop the Christmas tree. One size fits all, because every head deserves a crown, right? 👸🚨

I come in dimensions that make a statement without toppling thrones – with antlers so grand you might just get satellite TV reception. Oh, and for those who love a long-term relationship, my batteries are replaceable, so we can keep this party glowing year after year. 🔋❤️

Summon your inner Christmas Queen and let’s sleigh the holiday fashion scene together. After all, when you wear Randie, you’re not just lighting up the room, you’re lighting up the spirit of Christmas! 🎄👑

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