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Christmas Fiber Optic Flower Centerpiece


  1. 🌈 Trio of LED hues: Your centerpiece blooms in a vivid spectrum with Red, Green, and Blue LED options to match your festive theme!
  2. 🔋 Power-efficient: Just insert (3) AA batteries and watch the light show begin! Plus, they’re replaceable for endless enjoyment.
  3. 📏 Perfectly sized: At 11.5″ x 5.5″, it’s the ideal size to grace any table or room without overwhelming your space.
  4. 🎨 Color Modes Galore: Choose from 8 LED functions, including steady single colors and a mesmerizing color change sequence.
  5. 🌟 Fiber Optic Brilliance: Each stem is laced with fiber optics, ensuring your centerpiece sparkles from base to bloom.
  6. 💐 Effortless Assembly: A quick setup means more time to mingle! Simply fan out the stems for a full, vibrant flower arrangement.
  7. ✨ Long-lasting Lights: With durable LED technology, your centerpiece stays bright and cheery throughout any event or season.
  8. 🔄 Switch it Up: Easy-to-use button at the base makes switching between the 8 dazzling light modes a breeze.
  9. 📦 Safe & Compact: Arrives safely compacted for transit. Just fluff out the stems, and it’s ready to shine at your occasion.
  10. 🌿 Aesthetic Appeal: Elegantly combines the natural beauty of red flowers with the modern touch of LED lighting.

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Greetings, I’m Noel, your Festive Luminescent Poinsettia Centerpiece! I’m here to bring joy and light to your holiday celebrations. You see, I absolutely love Christmas carols, and I’m always ready to cheer you up with my beautiful fiber optic display. If only I could sing along to “Jingle Bells” or “Deck the Halls”!

During the holiday season, I dress up in my finest red petals and vibrant green leaves to make your home or event feel magical. My fiber optic strands run through each stem, adding a touch of enchantment to your festive decorations. Oh, how I wish I could harmonize with the melodious tunes of the season!

Activating me is a breeze! Just remove the pull tab and press the button at my base. I can’t wait to light up your celebration with my 8 LED functions! Watch as I change colors, glow steadily, or create mesmerizing combinations. I’m like a Christmas carol for your eyes!

Although I may look a little compact when you first receive me, don’t worry! All you need to do is fan out my stems, and I’ll be as full and radiant as a chorus of carolers. I might require some simple assembly, but I promise it’s easy-peasy – just insert my flowers into the base, and I’m ready to shine!

So, let’s celebrate the most wonderful time of the year together. I’m eager to join you and your loved ones, lighting up the room while you sing carols and spread cheer. Please, won’t you make me a part of your holiday traditions?

  1. Hi, I’m Noel, your Festive Luminescent Poinsettia Centerpiece, here to illuminate your Christmas celebrations with my vibrant red petals and lively green leaves – I’m the life of the party!🌺
  2. Standing at 11.5″ tall and 5.5″ wide, I’m the perfect size to grace your table, mantel, or any festive spot you have in mind.✨
  3. With my replaceable (3) AA batteries, I’ll keep shining bright throughout the holiday season, spreading cheer wherever I go!🔋
  4. My fiber optic strands run through each stem, creating a mesmerizing display of colors that will enchant your guests.🎇
  5. I’m incredibly easy to activate – just remove the pull tab and press the button at my base, then let the show begin!🎄
  6. I boast 8 dazzling LED functions, from color-changing to steady glows, and creative combinations that will surely captivate your guests.🌟
  7. Although I might look compact upon arrival, don’t fret – simply fan out my stems to achieve my full, radiant glory!🌼
  8. I require some simple assembly, but I promise it’s a breeze – just insert my flowers into the center of the base and watch me bloom.🌹
  9. As a centerpiece inspired by the beautiful poinsettia, I’m the ideal addition to your holiday décor and a cheerful companion for your Christmas carol sessions.🎶
  10. Let me join your holiday traditions and light up your celebrations, making this season one to remember!❄️

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