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White LED Spotlight and Motor Kit Disco Ball not Included

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Product Description

Accessorize your disco party like a pro! Hearken back to the disco era or create a contemporary festivity with our White LED Spotlight and Motor Kit Disco Ball not Included. It can easily be installed with a hanging disco ball and will surely provide a complete party light show in one convenient package! Turn it on and dance the night away!

First, find a perfect spot to hang your Disco Ball. Using your tool box, start by hanging the motor kit and load motor with a D-battery, hang the ball at the base of the motor.

Next, plug your White LED Spotlight into the wall, and position the light on the ball.  We suggest playing around with the light’s position, to get it just right. The White LED Spotlight can be set on table, mounted or hung, and it has side knobs you can tighten to keep the kickstand in place.

This comes with a UL certified wall plug, cord approx. 43″ long.

It requires one D-battery for the motor. Battery not included.

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