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Sit down to dinner, romantic in spirit. A changing centerpiece, you’ll want to get near it. Our fiber optics set the mood, your guests will simply enjoy their food. Push the small heart-shaped button located on the top of the heart to activate the centerpiece. Click the Lighted Centerpiece repeatedly until desired color is reached. The base of the centerpiece light comes in an assortment of red and pink. Get yours today along with the rest of our fun and stylish Lighted Centerpieces! Dimensions: Height: 12.25 in. , 31.12 cm. Width: 16.0 in. , 40.64 cm. Base Length: 4.0 in. , 10.16 cm. Base Height: 2.0 in. , 5.08 cm. Base Width: 4.0 in. , 10.16 cm. LED Colors: 1 Blue, 1 Jade, 1 Red Batteries: Includes 3 AA Batteries. Batteries for the lighted centerpieces are replaceable.