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Light Up Santa Claus Faux Fur Furry Ball Hat


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Product Description

With great enthusiasm, Santa Claus is always part of all Christmas traditions. Showcase the inner you and dress like Santa Claus with this unique Light Up Santa Claus Faux Fur Furry Ball Hat. You’ll be surprised to find numerous Santa Claus designs and accessories out there but this one is different. This is one of a kind Santa Hat.

With a hat on, you will not just be a wallflower sitting in your chair but wearing this wonderful Santa hat will help you slay the night. It will give you the confidence to shed your shyness and inhibitions. With its unique design, people will notice you, they will even remember you even after the party has ended.

This Light Up Santa Claus Faux Fur Furry Ball Hat has fur around the header and a furry ball that lights up when turned on. When activated the furry ball comes to life and rotates in many different colors. It has a wire frame that runs through both sides of the hat and can be uniquely customized by bending the frame to your preference.

Dimension: 11.25*4.44*3.62

Batteries: AG13, replaceable