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Non Light Up Jacko Thriller Beat It Billie Jean Right Hand Sequin Glove


Quantity Price
1-3 $1.99
4-6 $1.97
7-11 $1.94
12-47 $1.89
48-143 $1.87
144-287 $1.84
288-575 $1.79
576+ $1.64

Hey, it’s your boy, the world’s worst MJ impersonator, and I’m back to talk to you about the Non-Light Up MJ Jacko Thriller Beat It Billie Jean Right or Left Hand Sequin Glove. And let me tell you, this glove is the perfect accessory for anyone who wants to add a little bit of MJ flair to their style, even if they can’t dance worth a lick.

But before we get into the glove, let me just warn you that I’m currently trying to do the moonwalk while I talk, so if you hear a loud thud, it’s probably just me falling flat on my backside. Oh, never mind, I almost lost my balance there, but we’re good. Back to the glove.

This sequined masterpiece is the ultimate tribute to the King of Pop himself. Slip it on your right or left hand (or both if you’re feeling like a boss), and you’ll feel like you’re ready to hit the stage and perform in front of thousands. Even if you’re like me and struggle to keep rhythm, this glove will make you feel like you’re moonwalking on air.

And let’s talk about the design of this glove. The sequins are just so shiny, you’ll feel like a walking disco ball. Plus, the MJ style is so iconic that people will be begging for your autograph (even if it’s just because they feel bad for how bad you’re dancing).

Now, if you’re wondering whether this glove is for you, let me just say that it’s for everyone. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or just someone who wants to add a little bit of bling to your outfit, the Non-Light Up MJ Jacko Thriller Beat It Billie Jean Right or Left Hand Sequin Glove is the perfect accessory. It’s so versatile that you can wear it to parties, concerts, or even just to the grocery store (because why not?).

So, don’t be like me, tripping over your own feet while attempting to do the moonwalk. Get your hands on the Non-Light Up MJ Jacko Thriller Beat It Billie Jean Right or Left Hand Sequin Glove and feel like the ultimate pop star today. Just remember to practice your dance moves before you hit the stage, or else you might end up like me, flat on your backside.

He glided like the smoothest cycle. Not Tito or Jermaine, I’m talkin’ ’bout Michael.

One size fits most. This glove needs not light up because it shimmers all on its own! Both sides covered with sequins and glove will fit either hand.

Combine with one our LED Light Up Fedoras to complete the Michael Jackson “King of Pop” look.

Customer Reviews

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Shirley LaBonte
Sequin gloves

The gloves are great and what we need but I have a question. These are for a marching band and I need some larger size gloves. Do you carry larger gloves. Could you get us some larger gloves? Thank you. Will wait to hear from you.