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Stylish Heart-Shaped Glowing Pink EL Wire Sunglasses


💕Bathe your gaze in a pink glow with LED colors that scream fun and love perfect for festivals and themed events. 💕🎆

💕 Effortlessly keep the party going with two AA batteries ensuring your shades stay lit all night long and they’re replaceable too. 🔋🌟

💕 Sleek and compact with dimensions of 6 inches by 2.5 inches these sunglasses are a cozy fit for all face shapes and sizes. 📐😎

💕 The built-in clip on the battery pack ensures your power source stays secure whether you’re dancing or dining out. 🔄🔒

💕 Unique EL technology emits a whimsical high-pitched melody adding an audible charm to the visual spectacle of your eyewear. 🎶👓

💕 Activation is a breeze just pull the tab and press the button to choose from a steady glow to an eye-catching flash. 💡🎉

💕 Make a bold statement with the steady function or turn heads with a playful blink or an all-out flash perfect for any mood. 🚥😄

💕 Designed for attention these sunglasses are your ticket to becoming the life of the party or the spark in a romantic dinner. 🥂💝

💕 Beyond accessorizing these glowing shades add an extra layer of safety during night events with their bright pink light. 🚨🌃

💕 From Valentine’s Day to Cancer Awareness events show support and style with a heart-shaped flair that stands out. 💗🎗️

Quantity Price
1-2 $12.49
3-5 $12.44
6-11 $12.39
12-95 $12.29
96-143 $12.19
144-287 $12.09
288-575 $11.99
576-1007 $11.79
1008+ $11.59

Hello, fabulous humans! I’m Brittany, the Heart-Shaped Glowing Pink EL Wire Sunglasses that will have you falling in love at first sight! 😍💘 This Valentine’s Day, why whisper sweet nothings when you can wear them right on your face? With me, you’re not just a snack; you’re the whole love buffet! 🍽️❤️️

Ready to light up the festival scene or show some love for Cancer Awareness? I’ve got you covered. With dimensions of 6 inches by 2.5 inches, I’m the perfect size to bathe your beautiful eyes in a rosy glow. And let’s not forget my handy battery pack with a clip – just tuck me into your pocket and let the love shine! 🎀🔋

Yes, I emit a low decibel high-pitched sound, but think of it as the soundtrack to your love story – a little serenade for your soul! To activate my heart-throbbing light show, just remove the pull tab and press the button on my battery housing. Prepare to dazzle with steady, blink, and flash functions. 💗🚨

Whether it’s a girls’ dinner or you’re just strutting your stuff because you can, when you don these pink glasses, you become the center of attention – and who doesn’t love a bit of that? Flaunt your joy, your style, and your spark with every glance. 🥳👓

So, come on, let’s make this a Valentine’s to remember! With me on your nose, every moment is a photo op, every street is a runway, and every room is filled with your glow. Because life’s too short for boring accessories, right? Let’s show ’em how it’s done! ✨😎

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