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Flashing Pink Heart Head Boppers


💖 Heartfelt Radiance: White LED colors cast a charming glow, perfect for any festive occasion 💖🌟

💖 Endless Fun: Comes with 3 AG13 batteries and they’re replaceable for non-stop entertainment 🔄🔋

💖 Sleek Measurements: At 5 inches by 9.5 inches, it’s the right size for standout appeal without the bulk 📏✨

💖 Flex Fit: The pliable band adjusts to most head sizes, ensuring a comfy experience for all 🎉👑

💖 Bendy Bounce: The springs can be bent for custom heart bobbling action as you move 💃🏽🌈

💖 Easy Activation: Slide the switch to bring your LED Head Boppers to life in a bright pink hue 🎈💡

💖 All-Event Hit: These head boppers are a hit, lighting up events from parties to parades 🍾🎊

💖 Durable Design: Crafted for many nights out, these head boppers are built to last 🛠️💪

💖 Pink Illumination: Steady bright pink light adds a magical touch to your look ✨👸🏽

💖 Party Perfect: Ideal for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, or just to add some fun to your day 🎁❤️

Quantity Price
1-2 $1.99
3-5 $1.97
6-8 $1.94
9-11 $1.92
12-71 $1.89
72-143 $1.87
144-287 $1.84
288-575 $1.82
576-1151 $1.79
1152+ $1.74

Hey there! 👋 I’m your fabulous Flashing Pink Heart Head Boppers, here to bring some pizzazz to your noggin! I’m not just any ordinary headband, oh no – I’m the life of the party, the sparkle in the dark, the ‘blink’ in ‘fabulous’! 💖✨

You stroll into the room, and BAM! 💥 Everyone’s eyes are on those bouncy pink hearts dancing above your head. I’m not saying I have magical powers, but I’m not not saying it either. 😏 With just a slide of a switch, my LED hearts light up a steady, bright pink that screams “I’m here to party!” 🥳

But wait, there’s more! I’m not just a pretty face – I’m smart too. With a battery life longer than your last diet, I come equipped with (3) AG13 batteries, and guess what? They’re replaceable! So, our fun never has to end. 🎉

My dimensions are a perfect 5″ x 9.5″, and I fit most heads like a dream. Got a noggin that’s on the larger side? No worries! My plastic band is as flexible as your yoga instructor and just as easy to bend into shape. 💪 And those springs? Go ahead, bend ’em, twist ’em, make ’em do the cha-cha. I’m all about that movement! 🕺

Perfect for Valentine’s Day, or honestly, any day you feel like spreading some love and light, I make every occasion a little brighter and a lot more fun. 💑 So why wait for a special event? Life’s a party, and with me on your head, you’re always on the VIP list. 🌟

Add me to your cart, and let’s turn some heads together with Flashing Pink Heart Head Boppers – because who needs a reason to be fabulous? 😜🛍️

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
gregory meier
one light does not work

one light flickers out...stays off


I love love love these head boppers! I have a hard time finding them in stores, but I was so happy to find some online. They are so cute and lightweight. They fit on the top of my daughter's head and they are just the right size.