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Multicolor LED Snowy Snowflake Winter Christmas Holiday Snowmen Beanie Hat


  • 🎩 Snowman Design with LED Magic: Meet the ultimate festive accessory that brings the holiday spirit to life! This Blinky Snowman LED Beanie Hat features charming snowman graphics paired with vibrant LEDs. You won’t just be wearing a beanie; you’ll be wearing a holiday showstopper! ⛄
  • 🚥 Three Fabulous LED Colors: No ordinary lights here; we’re talking Red, Green, and Blue LEDs that combine to create a dazzling spectacle. Perfect for setting the mood at any holiday event or livening up a wintry evening. 🌟
  • 🎶 Perfect for All Occasions: From Christmas Eve parties to casual strolls in the park, this beanie is designed for versatile holiday fun. Impress your friends, family, and even strangers with your exceptional taste in headwear. 🎄
  • 🔋 Replaceable CR2032 Batteries: This beanie comes with two CR2032 batteries that are easily replaceable. That means you can keep the festivities going all season long, making it the gift that keeps on giving. 🔄
  • 🎊 Easy Activation: No need for complicated setups. A simple pull tab and an easily accessible switch in a hidden pocket at the back of the hat get your LED show on the road. 🎉
  • 📏 One Size Truly Fits Most: Designed to comfortably fit heads up to 22 inches in circumference, this beanie caters to almost everyone. It’s like a warm hug for your head, but with LED lights! 🤗
  • ⚖️ Featherlight and Comfortable: Weighing in at only 0.291 lbs, this beanie ensures a light and cozy wearing experience. You’ll forget you’re even wearing it—until you catch your reflection and see how fabulous you look, of course. 💁‍♀️
  • 🌈 Rainbow Light Effects: The beanie’s LEDs don’t just flash in Red, Green, and Blue. They blend together to create a stunning rainbow light effect, making you the Aurora Borealis of your next holiday gathering. 🌈
  • 👨‍👩‍👦 Family-Friendly Fun: Safe for kids and adults alike, this beanie is the perfect family accessory for the holiday season. Outfit the entire clan for an incredibly Instagrammable Christmas. 📸
  • 🌏 Eco-Friendly Materials: Made with care and sustainable materials, this LED beanie not only lights up your holidays but also has a minimal impact on our planet. Celebrate the season responsibly! 🌿
Quantity Price
1-3 $9.59
4-7 $9.54
8-11 $9.49
12-23 $9.39
24-35 $9.29
36-71 $8.99
72-287 $8.59
288-1151 $8.29
1152+ $7.99

Hey there, humans! I’m Pengyu the Snowman, and I’m not made of snow, but of pure fabulousness! 🎩⛄️ Let’s be honest, cold heads are a thing of the past when you’ve got me sitting on your noggin. 💂‍♀️

Why settle for a normal beanie when you can have a Snowman spectacle atop your head? My LED lights aren’t just ordinary lights; they’re the Northern Lights of hats, baby! Red, Green, Blue—you name it, I flash it! 🚦

“But how do you work?” you ask. Well, I’m easier to handle than catching a snowflake on your tongue. Just remove the pull tab, flip the switch in my hidden battery pocket, and watch the faces around you light up—literally! 🌈

Batteries? Oh, you bet! I use two CR2032 batteries, and the best part is—they’re replaceable. Consider me the Snowman who never melts. I just keep going and going! 🤖

Ah, size matters, you say? Not to worry! I’m a cozy fit for almost every cranium up to 22 inches around. You could almost say I’m a snug fit for your “snowball.” 🎳

What’s my weight you ask? I’m just a featherlight 0.291 lbs. That’s lighter than a snowflake! ❄️

“But Pengyu, where do I wear you?” Anywhere you want to be the center of attention, darling! Perfect for Christmas Eve parties, midnight strolls through a park, or shopping escapades for those “elusive perfect gifts.” 🎁

Children? Sure, bring ’em on! I’m the ideal buddy for the young ones, too. I promise not to melt even if they’re little hot heads. 😇

I know, I know, you’re wondering about my colors. Get this: I blend my Red, Green, and Blue to make a mesmerizing rainbow light effect. I’m the Aurora Borealis of beanies! 🌈

In a nutshell, if you’re looking to win winter, make me your wingman. Or should I say, wing-snowman? Either way, don’t get caught out in the cold without your LED Snowman friends—that’s me, Pengyu! ⛄️

Customer Reviews

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Laura Jausoro
LED Snowy Snowflake Winter beanie hat

I received a request for a review of this hat. I am unable to give a review of this hat because I never received it in my order. I am still awaiting reply back from Les regarding either you are sending me the hat or refunding my money. Would have liked to have given more stars

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