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Light Up Black Red Pompom Beanie Hat


  • 🌟 Multicolored LED Brilliance: This isn’t your ordinary Christmas beanie! Elevate your holiday look with radiant Red, Blue, and Green LEDs. Outshine the Christmas tree and be the life of any festive gathering. Get ready for endless compliments and envious stares. 🎄
  • 🎉 Dynamic Flashing Modes: Flip a switch and transform into the centerpiece of the party! Cycle through mesmerizing flashing and color-changing modes. Let your beanie set the tone for an unforgettable holiday celebration. 🕺
  • 🎁 Perfect Gift and Party Accessory: Whether it’s for an Ugly Sweater Party, a family gathering, or a gift exchange, this beanie makes the perfect present or holiday accessory. Your holiday getup will never be the same! 🤩
  • 🔄 Replaceable CR2032 Batteries: With two replaceable CR2032 batteries, keep the festivities glowing all season long. Simply switch out the batteries and continue to light up every holiday moment. 🎅
  • 📐 One Size Fits Most: No worries about sizing! With a flexible design that accommodates heads up to 22 inches in circumference, this beanie offers a snug yet comfortable fit for almost everyone. 🎩
  • 🌙 Discreet Battery Housing: Conveniently located in a pocket at the back of the hat, the battery housing remains hidden, allowing you to focus on the celebration. Simply remove the pull tab, flip the switch, and shine on! ✨
  • 🍃 Lightweight for Comfort: Weighing just 0.291 lbs, this beanie provides a light and comfortable wearing experience, allowing you to enjoy the festivities without any hassle. 🤗
  • 🎵 Versatile Style: The beanie’s stylish yet festive appearance makes it suitable for various holiday occasions. Whether you’re strolling through a park, attending a holiday party, or shopping for gifts, you’ll look dazzling. 🎵
  • 👨‍👩‍👦 Family-Friendly: Safe and appropriate for kids and adults alike. Make it a family affair and let everyone join in the holiday fun with their very own light-up Christmas beanie. 🎈
  • 🌍 Eco-Friendly Materials: Made from sustainable materials, this LED beanie not only brings joy to your holiday season but also to our planet. Celebrate responsibly! 🌱
Quantity Price
1-3 $9.49
4-7 $9.44
8-11 $9.39
12-23 $9.34
24-35 $9.29
36-71 $8.99
72-287 $8.49
288-1151 $8.09
1152+ $7.89

Hey, friends! My name’s Star, and I’m not just any Christmas Beanie. I’m the beanie that lights up your holidays — literally! 🌟

So, you’re headed to an Ugly Sweater Party? Listen, no ensemble is complete without me. Trust me, I’ve got more colors than your grandma’s fruitcake! Speaking of colors, I flaunt Red, Blue, and Green LEDs that promise to outshine any Christmas tree you stand next to. 🎄

Okay, enough about my bling. Let’s get technical. To light up the night (or day, if that’s your jam), all you gotta do is remove my pull tab and flip the switch on my battery house. You’ll find it discreetly tucked away in a pocket on the back of the hat. Voila, instant holiday spirit! 🎅

Worried about battery life? Don’t be! I come equipped with two CR2032 batteries that are replaceable. That’s right; I’m like the Energizer Bunny of Christmas beanies. 🐰

Fit? Oh, honey, I’m the epitome of “One Size Fits Most.” Unless your noggin is the size of a giant snowball, I’m pretty sure we’ll be the best of friends. My stretchy comfort accommodates heads up to 22 inches in circumference. 🎩

My weight? Haha, I knew you’d ask! I weigh just 0.291 lbs, so wearing me is as easy as downing a glass of eggnog. 🍶

“But Star, what do I wear you with?” Easy peasy. I’m versatile enough to go with that ugly sweater, the cute winter dress, or even that suit you swear isn’t from the ’90s. 🕺💃

“What about the kids?” you ask. Hey, if they can wear me without trying to eat the LEDs, then I say, “The more, the merrier!” 🧒👧

Now, for the grand finale: I’m not just for Christmas parties. Take me on a stroll through a winter wonderland, or even on a last-minute gift-shopping spree. My light-up awesomeness knows no bounds! 🎁

So why settle for a regular beanie when you can have me? I’m not just warm, I’m the whole holiday package! 🎉 Let’s make this season the most lit ever. Get it? Lit? Okay, I’ll see myself out. 🚪