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Light Up White Rose Flower Princess Halo Crown Headband


🌟 Illuminate your charm with White LED Colors that brighten up the room and highlight your presence at any social gathering.

💡 Effortless activation with a simple pull tab removal and switch flip for a captivating steady light function that lasts all night long.

📏 Embrace the perfect fit with a 7.5-inch Diameter designed to crown any head with majestic beauty and a royal aura.

🔋 Empower your festivities with Replaceable CR2032 Batteries ensuring your radiant light never dims before the party ends.

🌹 Shine bright at any occasion as the Floral Elegance of the headband complements both day and night events with grace and splendor.

🛠️ Adaptable Design allows you to shape the headband to your liking, providing both comfort and a custom fit for all-day wear.

🎀 Fashion meets Functionality as you can easily secure the headband with bobby-pins through hidden loops for a secure, worry-free experience.

🍃 Lightweight Construction makes it easy to wear for extended periods without any discomfort, so you can party without limits.

Quantity Price
1-2 $3.99
3-5 $3.94
6-8 $3.89
9-11 $3.84
12-47 $3.79
48-95 $3.69
96-239 $3.59
240-479 $3.49
480+ $3.29

👸🌟 Hey, festival lovers and princesses at heart! I’m Rosein, the Light Up White Rose Flower Princess Halo Crown Headband, here to turn your fairy tale dreams into LED reality! Perfect for the first-time Coachella-goer who’s ready to rock out while standing out. ✌️🎡

🌼✨ Crafted with love and laughs, I’m bendable, adaptable, and ready to crown any noble head with my ethereal white glow. Secure me with bobby-pins for that extra “I’m-not-going-anywhere” guarantee. I’m your go-to for looking fab in a flash! 🎶👑
🎂💒 I’m not just a pretty face; I’m the life of every party! Whether it’s lighting up:

Festivals with more sparkle than the disco ball.
Birthdays to make you feel like the queen you are.
Weddings, because who says you can’t be a guest and still steal the show? 💖

📏🔋 Let’s talk specs: I’m a snug 7.5″ in diameter and powered by two CR2032 batteries. Yes, they’re replaceable – because who likes a one-hit wonder? Not me! 🔄
💡 To get this party started, just pull my tab (like you’re starting a lawnmower, but more graceful) and flip my switch for all-night luminance. It’s like a light switch for your head – easy peasy! 🌙
👗🌱 So, slip me on and watch as the world becomes your stage. With a white LED glow that’s sure to make you the protagonist of every story, I’m the accessory you never knew you needed – until now. Ready to be the glow-getter? Let’s light up the night together! ✨
😉 Remember, wearing me comes with the responsibility of being irresistible – handle the attention like the star you are! Snap those pics, toss that hair, and let’s make some memories that are as bright as your LED-lit aura! 📸✨

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Dave Klein
Fantastic product!

The headband is even better than I expected. It is nice and bright, excellent quality, and adorable. It's absolutely perfect for my Halloween outfit. Great customer service too!!

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