Light Up Pink Rose Flower Princess Halo Crown Headband


LED Colors: Pink
Batteries: (2) CR2032, Replaceable
Dimensions: 7.5″ Diam.
Printable: No


1-2 $4.69
3-5 $4.64
6-8 $4.59
9-11 $4.54
12-47 $4.49
48-95 $4.39
96-239 $4.29
240-479 $4.19
480+ $4.09

Be you a queen or princess, an angel or cherub, man, woman, fairy, or anything in between! Light Up Rose Flower Princess Halo Crowns are a must to adorn your head in floral abundance!

To activate your Light Up Rose Flower Princess Halo Crown, remove pull tab & press button on battery house for Still Light function

Size: One size fits all (Flexible, can be bobby-pinned for extra security)

LED Color: Pink

Light Up Rose Flower Princess Halo Crowns include 2 CR2032 Batteries. Batteries are replaceable.

FEATURES: Comes with flower petals adorned with light-up fiber optics. The floral plays a big role in the centerpiece itself. These Hawaiian tropical decorations look incredibly on display during the reception or at home.

TIMELESS COLLECTION: Whether you’re planning on a springtime night out or an autumn celebration. These beautiful blossoms are created to fit into your overall aesthetic.

ASSEMBLY REQUIRED: To assemble simply insert the Fiber Optic Flower stems into the center of the base. This is also powered by AA replaceable battery.

HOW TO ACTIVATE: To activate your LED Flower Decoration, remove the battery-protecting insert from the base & press the button. With each push, you can change the color – choose from 7 different still color settings (does not flash) as well as the 8th & most popular option: a slow color change that slowly cycles through all 7 colors.

PERFECT FOR: Weddings, Debut, Bachelorette Party, Hawaiian Luau Parties.