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Light Up Round Badge Pin Red


✨ LED Colors: Boasts vibrant Red LEDs, adding a bright pop of color to your look, perfect for standing out in any crowd.

🔋 Batteries Included: Comes with (2) CR927 batteries, easily replaceable to keep your light shining bright.

📏 Compact Size: With a 2″ diameter, this badge pin is the perfect size for versatile wear on shirts, bags, or hats.

🚀 Easy Activation: Just remove the pull tab & press the button on the back for instant illumination.

🎉 3 Light Functions: Choose from Blink, Flash, or Steady to match your mood or the vibe of any event.

🏃‍♂️ Nighttime Visibility: Ideal for night joggers or bikers, ensuring you’re seen and safe in the dark.

🎈 Party Perfect: A must-have accessory for events, conferences, or business parties to light up the atmosphere.

🔄 Long-Lasting: The replaceable batteries ensure your badge keeps glowing, event after event.

🌈 Frosted Design: The frosted color adds a subtle elegance, making it not just a light, but a fashion statement.

🛡️ Durable & Secure: Designed to stay attached and intact, whether you’re dancing the night away or jogging through the city.

Quantity Price
1-4 $1.79
5-9 $1.77
10-14 $1.74
15-24 $1.72
25-49 $1.69
50-99 $1.67
100-249 $1.64
250-499 $1.62
500-999 $1.54
1000+ $1.44

🌟 Hey there! I’m Knoa, the Light Up Round Badge Pin in radiant Red, and I’m here to tell you why I’m the life of any party, day or night! 🌟

Let’s get this straight: I’m not your ordinary pin. Nope, I’m a dazzling, frosted-colored beacon of fun, ready to attach myself to your shirt, bag, or hat with the ease of a butterfly landing on a flower. 🦋 With my 2″ diameter, I’m the perfect size to be noticed but not so big that I take over the show—because, let’s be honest, it’s your show. 😉

Now, let’s talk about my LED colors. Red, the color of passion, energy, and, dare I say, love? 💖 When you wear me, you’re not just making a statement; you’re starting a conversation. And with my (2) CR927 replaceable batteries, I’m ready to keep that conversation going long into the night.

Activating me is as easy as pie. 🥧 Just remove the pull tab and press the button on my back. Voilà! You’re ready to cycle through my 3 light functions: Blink, Flash, and Steady. Whether you’re a night jogger making sure you’re seen, a night biker lighting up the path, or just someone who loves to sparkle, I’ve got you covered.

But wait, there’s more! Imagine this: You’re preparing for the biggest business party of the year. The theme? “Light Up the Night.” You’re in charge of the giveaways, and you want something unforgettable. Enter me, Knoa, your shining hero. 🦸

Picture the scene: The room is dimly lit, anticipation in the air. Suddenly, every guest is given a me. The room transforms as hundreds of little red lights start to blink, flash, and shine steadily. Laughter and awe fill the space. Someone starts a conga line, and guess who’s leading the way? That’s right, it’s you, adorned with not one, not two, but a dozen of me. You’re not just part of the party; you are the party.

The night is unforgettable. Stories of the “Light Up the Night” extravaganza spread far and wide, making it the most talked-about business party of the decade. And at the center of it all? A little round badge pin named Knoa.

So, whether you’re lighting up your night runs, adding a touch of whimsy to your daily attire, or creating unforgettable events, I’m here to bring a dash of light and a whole lot of personality. Let’s make every moment shine together! 💫

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