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Light Up Round Badge Pin Pink


💖 Striking Pink LED: Be the highlight of any room with a vibrant pink glow, ideal for adding a touch of whimsy and fun to your attire.

🔋 Conveniently Replaceable Batteries: Comes with two CR927 batteries, ensuring your light shines long and replacing them is a breeze.

📏 Perfectly Compact: A 2″ diameter makes this badge pin noticeable without being overbearing – subtlety with a pop of color.

🚨 Versatile Lighting Modes: Offers blink for playful signaling, flash for vibrant bursts, or steady for a constant pink aura.

👚 Attire-Friendly: Clips effortlessly onto any fabric, so you can wear it on shirts, bags, or hats for a customizable look.

🌌 Nighttime Visibility: Ensures you’re seen during night jogs or bike rides, combining safety with style.

🚴‍♀️ Biker’s Highlight: The blink mode acts as a safety signal, making sure you’re visible on those dusky road adventures.

🏃‍♀️ Jogger’s Spark: Keep the steady glow on during runs to alert passersby, merging safety with a dash of flair.

🎒 Multi-Purpose Accessory: Not just for wearables, it can also light up backpacks and hats, making it versatile for any use.

❄️ Frosted Fashion: The frosted finish diffuses the LED light, creating a soft, magical glow that’s both effective and stylish.

Quantity Price
1-4 $1.79
3-9 $1.77
10-14 $1.74
15-24 $1.72
25-49 $1.69
50-99 $1.67
100-249 $1.64
250-499 $1.62
500-999 $1.54
1000+ $1.44

Hello, party people and power-walkers! 🚶‍♀️🕺 I’m Pippa, the Light Up Round Badge Pin Pink, and I’m here to tell you that life is too short for boring accessories.

You’re prepping for the most talked-about business party of the year, and while everyone else is stuck in the land of black and white, you’ve got me – a splash of pink that says, “I’m here to close deals and dazzle.” 💼💖

My LED glow is as pink as a flamingo at a Miami beach party, and let me tell you, I’m just as fun. With a simple tab pull and a press of my button, I can blink faster than you can say ‘market disruption’. 💡

Need to stand out in a sea of suits? My flash mode is like a wink across the room, but way cooler. And if you’re about that steady life, I’ve got you covered with a glow that’s constant, like your love for coffee. ☕️

Let’s dive into the deets: I’m powered by two CR927 batteries, and yes, darling, they are replaceable. We’re talking longevity that even the best smartphones envy. 🔋

At a sweet 2 inches in diameter, I’m the perfect plus-one that doesn’t require a meal choice. And my frosted pink finish? It’s like cotton candy, but with zero calories and a hundred percent more light. 🍭

Don’t worry about getting lost on the way to the snack table; with me pinned to your lapel, you’ll navigate through networking events like a pro – or at least like someone who can see where they’re going. 🧀🥨

So whether you’re hitting the pavement or the parquet, add a dash of pink and a whole lot of personality to your ensemble. Because with Pippa the Pink Badge, you’re not just another face in the crowd – you’re the beam of the ball! 💃🌟

Ready to clip on and light up your style? Let’s make every event a little brighter, one pink badge at a time. With me, you’re not just making an entrance – you’re making a statement. 🎀✨

So gear up, glow on, and remember: in a world full of beige, be a Pippa Pink! 🌸

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