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Light Up Kids Petite Princess Magic Crown Wand

1-4 $1.39
5-8 $1.37
9-11 $1.34
12-47 $1.32
48-95 $1.30
96-179 $1.27
180-159 $1.26
360+ $1.24
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Product Description

Every Princess needs a Crown and a Magic Wand. has incorporated them into one. If your little princess is searching for a new magic crown wand, our Light Up Kids Petite Princess Magic Crown Wand is the perfect toy for all of their spell casting needs! This 17 inches crown-shaped wand has 3 gems incorporated into its little crown so nothing will come loose while your kid is working their magic spells. They will be back to their tricks before you can say Abracadabra.

The wands features 3 flashing modes. They can be changed with in a simple press of the button below the crown. This is very light weight which perfectly fits for your kiddie party. This wand can also be bought in four different colors: red, pink, yellow and blue.

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