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Light Up Jumbo Mardi Gras Huge Balls and Mask Necklace


🎭 Jumbo Mardi Gras beads stretch a full 44 inches for standout accessory flair during celebrations 📿🎭

🎭 Includes six large, shiny, non-lighting disco balls for a retro, festive touch to your party outfit 💿✨

🎭 Features four brilliantly shiny Mardi Gras masks, adding an air of mystery and carnival spirit to your look 🎭🌟

🎭 Equipped with six green beads that light up, capable of blinking fast, slow, or staying solidly lit 💚🔦

🎭 Pre-installed AG13 batteries ensure your necklace lights up right away, keeping the party glowing 🔋🌃

🎭 The versatile lighting options include a solid on for constant illumination, a slow blink for a subtle effect, or a fast blink to match the party’s energy 💡💫

🎭 Crafted for Mardi Gras but perfect for any nighttime event where standing out is the goal 🌜🎉

🎭 Easy activation allows for quick light mode changes, keeping up with the dynamic energy of Fat Tuesday 🎈🔄

🎭 Durable construction means you can dance the night away without a worry in the world 🕺💃

🎭 Perfect for parade-goers, party animals, and Mardi Gras enthusiasts looking to add extra sparkle to their celebrations 🎊👑

Quantity Price
1-3 $7.99
4-5 $7.59
6-9 $6.94
10-71 $6.89
72-143 $6.84
144-287 $6.79
288-575 $6.74
576+ $6.69

Ladies and gents, feast your eyes on me, Morion, the Mardi Gras marvel that’s about to make your Fat Tuesday festivities un-freakin’-forgettable! 🎉💃

Rocking a whopping 44 inches of pure, unadulterated Mardi Gras madness, I’m the jumbo bead necklace that’s more than just a flashy neckpiece—it’s a ticket to the limelight. 📿✨

Dangling from my durable strand are six non-light-up disco balls that shine like the top of the Chrysler building. But wait, there’s more! I’ve got four shiny Mardi Gras masks to keep the mystery alive. Who’s that behind the Morion? 🎭🤔

But let’s not forget about my pièce de résistance: six green beads that aren’t just for decoration, no sir! They illuminate with a slow mesmerizing glow, a quick flash to light up the night, or a steady shine to guide you through the revelry. 🍀🔆

You won’t be needing to scavenge for batteries on Bourbon Street because I come fully equipped with AG13s, so the party doesn’t stop until you say so. And when do we ever say so? That’s right—never! 🚀🔋

Whether you’re catching beads or catching glances, with me around your neck, you’re not just part of the parade, you ARE the parade. So, let’s get this Mardi Gras started, and may the good times roll as long as I’m in charge! 🎷🎈

Don’t just wear any old thing to Mardi Gras; wear Morion, because when it comes to partying, I’m the bead boss, the sultan of string, the duke of dazzling, and your Mardi Gras spirit animal all wrapped into one fabulous necklace. Let’s boogie! 🕺👑

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