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Fleur de Lis Flashing Body Light Lapel Pins


🍊🔵💚 Dynamic LED Trio: Illuminate your Mardi Gras with Orange, Blue, and Jade LEDs, mirroring the festival’s vibrant energy and spirit.

🔋 Effortless Power: Comes with two easily replaceable CR927 batteries to keep your Fleur De Lis shining bright all through the night’s revelries.

📏 Compact Brilliance: Measuring 1.5″ x 1.62″, these pins are the perfect size to dazzle without overpowering your festive outfit.

🎉 Flashing Festivity: A quick button press activates a sparkling flash function, instantly turning you into a moving Mardi Gras celebration.

📌 Secure Attachment: Each pin boasts a military clutch for a secure hold, ensuring your light stays put no matter how lively the party gets.

💡 One-Touch Operation: Effortlessly activate your Fleur De Lis with a simple pull-tab removal and button press, no complicated setup required.

🎭 Mardi Gras Ready: Embrace the festival’s soul with these pins, merging traditional symbolism with modern LED technology.

💃🕺 Parade Perfect: Whether you’re joining a parade or hosting a party, these body lights are designed to make you stand out.

🌟 Long-Lasting Glow: The efficient LEDs and battery combo promise a lasting glow, ensuring your light never dims before the party’s over.

🏅 Durable Design: Crafted for Mardi Gras durability, the body lights withstand the hustle and bustle of celebrations while maintaining their shine.

Quantity Price
1-4 $1.79
5-9 $1.78
10-24 $1.77
25-49 $1.74
50-99 $1.69
100-199 $1.64
200-499 $1.59
500-999 $1.49
1000+ $1.44

Hey there! I’m Zee, your go-to Fleur De Lis Body Light, sparkling with enough pizzazz to light up any Mardi Gras—and I’m not just talking about New Orleans! 🎉

Decked out in the most royal of purples, the fiercest of oranges, and the luckiest of greens, I’m here to make sure you’re not just part of the parade, you ARE the parade. 💜🍊💚

My LED colors? They’re not just any colors. They’re the flash of a jazz trumpet, the twinkle in a reveler’s eye, the shimmer on a bead thrown from a float. Orange for that zest of life, blue for the cool cats jamming to blues, and jade for a touch of mysterious allure. 🔶🔷💚

Armed with two CR927 batteries (yes, replaceable because the party must go on), I’m both your badge of honor and your knight in shining armor at any festivity. 🛡️✨

At a dainty 1.5 inches by 1.62 inches, I’m the perfect plus-one. I’m small enough to be classy but bright enough to say, “Hey, look at me!” without uttering a word. 💬🚫

Activating me is as easy as doing the Mardi Gras shuffle—just remove the pull tab and hit the button on my back. Boom! Instant flashiness. 💥

And let’s not forget my military clutch pin, because when you roll with Zee, you’re in the Mardi Gras army now. I’ll stick with you through thick and thin, beads and doubloons, po’boys and beignets. 🍤🍩

So whether you’re strutting down Bourbon St., dancing at a masquerade ball, or just bringing the spirit of the Big Easy to your hometown, pin me on and let’s get this party flashing! 🎭✨

Remember, when you wear Zee, you don’t just wear a pin, you wear a statement. A statement that says, “I’m here to party, and I’m here to shine!” Now let’s light up this Mardi Gras like it’s the French Quarter! 🌟🎶

Customer Reviews

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Michelle W Pillow
Fantastic blinky pins

These are a wonderful lapel pin! Fantastic for an evening party!