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Light Up 16 Ounce Color Changing Pint Cup Multicolor


🍺 Embrace the spectacle with our 16 oz Light Up Pint Glass, an eye-catcher at 6″ tall, perfect for quenching your thirst in style.

🌟 Featuring LED technology, bask in a glow of red, blue, and green, turning each sip into an illuminated delight.

🔴🔵🟢 Choose your aura with a single press, toggling between seven colors to match your mood or decor.

🌈 Get lost in a mesmerizing Color Change mode, where the hues transition smoothly for an enchanting visual feast.

🔋 Enjoy lasting light shows with the durable AG13 batteries, crafted for longevity to keep your nights bright.

💡 Tap into brilliance with an intuitive button under the base, making color control as easy as your next refill.

🎉 A must-have for any celebration, this light-up glass transforms your events into a vibrant display of chromatic harmony.

🚿 When the party’s over, a gentle hand wash ensures I’m ready for round two, keeping my base safe from water’s embrace.

🤲 Designed with a non-slip base, I stay put while you dance around, the loyal foundation to your festive fluid journey.

🎨 From sipping craft beers to hosting elegant cocktails, my luminous versatility adds a splash of color to any beverage.

Quantity Price
1-2 $4.39
3-5 $4.34
6-8 $4.29
9-11 $4.24
12-71 $4.19
72-143 $4.14
144-287 $4.09
288-575 $3.99
576+ $3.89

Hello there, I’m the life of the drinkware world, the one and only Light Up Pint Glass Multicolor! 🌈

Let’s be honest, normal glasses just don’t understand how to party. That’s where I come in, standing tall at 6 inches with a capacity to hold 16 oz. of liquid fun. 🍺

Flip my switch underneath, and voila! I come alive with a kaleidoscope of LED colors – red, blue, and green. But why stop there? With a tap, tap, tap, cycle through my seven vibrant hues or let them flow in a dazzling color change sequence. 🎨

Ever seen a glass throw its own light show? Strap in, because with me, it’s not just a drink; it’s an experience. And no, you’re not tipsy – I’m just that mesmerizing. ✨

Now, I know I’m pretty dazzling, but I’m not a fan of swimming. So when it’s bath time, treat me with care and hand wash only, okay? Keep the suds for the inside and the base nice and dry. 💦

Think of me as your personal rainbow generator, the perfect wingman for that colorful toast or that Instagram-worthy moment. 📸

I’m powered by two AG13 batteries, and while they can’t be replaced, I promise to light up your nights as long as possible. It’s like a marathon of luminosity! 🔋

Oh, and for all those party-goers with a tendency to drop things – I’m sturdy, but let’s not test gravity too often, okay? 🤹‍♂️

In a sea of ordinary glasses, I stand out. Whether it’s a backyard BBQ or a fancy shindig, I bring the ‘wow’ to your pow-wow. 🎉

So, raise a glass (that’s me!) to the fun times, the memories, and the fact that your drink is probably cooler than you right now. No offense, of course. 😉🥂

Grab your Light Up Pint Glass Multicolor today and let’s make every sip luminous. Because with me, every pour is a showstopper! 🚀🍹