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LED Team Spirit Pom Pom Purple


💜Vibrant Violet Vision Sold 1 per Order: Flaunt a vivid purple hue with each shake, powered by radiant LED lights for that ultraviolet vibe. 💜✨

💜Everlasting Energy: Equipped with 3 AG13 batteries, your cheer can last as long as the game does—and longer! 🔋🎉

💜Perfect Proportions: With a 2″ x 7.5″ handle and 16.5″ in full including strands, this pom pom is designed for maximum visibility and comfort. 📐👌

💜Simple Activation: A quick slide of the switch brings your Light Up Pom Pom to life, ready to illuminate your spirit. 💡🎈

💜Solo Sparkle: Each Purple Light Up Pom Pom is sold separately for individual shine or buy two for a symmetrical spirit boost! ✨👯

💜Replaceable Power: Swap out the AG13 batteries to keep your pom pom’s spirit as fresh as halftime oranges. 🔄🍊

💜Steady Shine: Enjoy a continuous gleam with the steady light function, because your team spirit isn’t a flicker—it’s a flame. 🔥🙌

💜Handheld Halos: At 2 inches wide, the handle provides a firm grip for enthusiastic cheers and waves. 🤲🌟

💜Double the Fun: Don’t forget to double your order, because two pom poms are better than one for that full fan effect! ✌️😄

💜Cheer Gear Essential: The ultimate accessory for fans, these pom poms add a pop of purple to any cheer ensemble. 📣👀

Quantity Price
1-2 $2.49
3-5 $2.47
6-11 $2.44
12-71 $2.39
72-143 $2.34
144-287 $2.29
288-575 $2.24
576-1151 $2.19
1152+ $2.04

Hello there, darlings! The name’s Lureka, your very own LED Team Spirit Pom Pom in a radiant shade of purple that’s here to cheer on the victories and brighten the losses. 💜✨

With my purple opaque strands and a magic wand (oh, I mean a clear handle!), I light up with the enthusiasm of a thousand cheerleaders when turned on. 📣🌟
Perfect for fundraisers, pep rallies, or to wave proudly at the games, I’m not just a pom pom; I’m a beacon of spirit and pride! 🎉💃

Let’s get technical for a moment – I’m powered by three AG13 batteries, and yes, they’re replaceable. Because let’s face it, the team spirit never dies, and neither should I! 🔋💪 Activating me is as easy as a high kick! Just remove the pull tab, slide that switch on my handle, and watch me glow with a steady light function that screams ‘Go team!’ 🏈✨
I come as a solo act because let’s be honest, I’m fabulous enough on my own. But if you want double the trouble and twice the fun, make sure to grab two of me! 🤹✌️

Now, for the size savvy: my handle is a handy 2″ x 7.5″, and with strands included, I’m a full 16.5″ of pure cheering dynamo. 📏💜
Remember, folks, I’m the Purple Light Up Pom Pom sold individually, so double up to get your cheer game on both hands. Because why wave one when you can wave two? 🎊👯

I’m not just for games, my dear cheer enthusiasts. Bring me to parties, take me to concerts, or use me to direct traffic in style. (Just kidding, don’t really do that last one.) 🚦😉

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on Lureka, light up the stands, and let’s turn this cheer into an electrifying experience that’ll make even the opposing team want to join in! 🏆🥳”

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