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LED Team Spirit Pom Pom Pink


🎀Vibrant Pink LEDs Sold 1 per Order: Dazzle the crowd with effervescent pink lighting that brings every cheer to life. 🎀✨

🎀Replaceable AG13 Batteries: Never miss a cheer with easily replaceable batteries, ensuring the fun never stops. 🔋🔄

🎀Comfortable Handle Dimensions: The 2″ x 7.5″ handle provides a snug fit for all-day cheering without the fatigue. 🤲🎉

🎀Extended Strand Length: Flaunt those 16.5″ strands with every wave, creating a spectacle of pink spirit. 🌸📣

🎀One-Touch Activation: Slide the switch effortlessly for a pink glow that shows your undying team support. 💖💡

🎀Solo Star: Each pom pom shines bright on its own, but grab two for symmetrical cheering style. 🌟👯‍♀️

🎀Steady Glow Feature: With a simple tab pull, your pom pom stays lit with a consistent pink aura. 🌈🔦

🎀Perfect for Any Event: Ideal for pep rallies, games, and fundraisers, these pom poms are versatile cheer essentials. 🏈🎗️

🎀Cheer in Style: Not just for cheering, but for adding a pop of pink flair to any sports ensemble. 💅🏽📸

🎀Long-Lasting Cheer: Durable and designed for many games, your pink pom pom is a reliable cheer companion. 🎊🕐

Quantity Price
1-2 $2.49
3-5 $2.47
9-11 $2.44
12-71 $2.39
72-143 $2.34
144-287 $2.29
288-575 $2.24
576-1151 $2.19
1152+ $2.04

Hey there, fabulous fans! I’m Antonnia, the Wave Light Up Team Spirit Pink Pom Pom, and I’m here to sprinkle a dash of pink pizzazz into every cheer! 💖✨

Are you ready to be the talk of the stands? With my cotton-candy pink strands and glow-in-the-dark handle, I’ll make sure all eyes are on you! And when I say pink, I mean fairy-floss, unicorn-mane, bubblegum-blast pink! 🦄

Running on three AG13 batteries, I’m like that one friend who’s always ready to party – I just keep lighting up! And when my shine starts to dim, just pop in some new batteries and it’s back to full beam we go! 🎈🔋

My handle measures a sleek 2″ x 7.5″, which means I’m the perfect fit for your hand – not too big, not too small, just right for the cheer goldilocks in you. And let’s not forget my fabulous strands, all 16.5″ of them, ready to flutter and flaunt your spirit! 💃

To get my light shining, just remove my pull tab (like a magician revealing a trick), slide that switch, and bam! It’s steady pink glow time, baby! 💡

Now, remember, I come solo because I can shine on my own, thank you very much. But if you’re feeling extra, grab a pair and let’s light up this game together! After all, double the pom poms, double the power! 🌟

Whether you’re cheering at a fundraiser, pep rally, or the big game, I’m your go-to girl for showing off that team pride with a pink twist. Let’s turn that spirit up to an eleven and cheer like no one’s watching! 🎉

So what are you waiting for? Add a pop of pink to your cheer gear and let’s make this game one to remember. With me in your squad, we’re not just cheering; we’re making a statement – one fabulous wave at a time! 💕

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