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LED Steady White Light Champagne Party Drinking Glass


🥂 Radiate elegance with our White LED Champagne Glass, a beacon of class for any event, offering a serene glow to elevate your celebration 🌟.

🥂 Effortless activation ensures your gala shines bright; simply connect stem to base and press for a steady white brilliance 🍾✨.

🥂 Crafted for convenience and cost-effectiveness in transit, our design guarantees safe arrival and an easy set-up for your merriment 🚚🥂.

🥂 Replaceable AG13 batteries mean the light never dims on your festivities, ensuring a luminous experience from dusk till dawn 🔋🌃.

🥂 Gracefully designed with dimensions of 2.75″ x 7.75″, our glass is the perfect fit for a toast filled with poise and light 📏✨.

🥂 A generous volume of 6 oz allows for the perfect pour, blending traditional capacity with an extraordinary lighting feature 🥂💡.

🥂 Illuminate your toasts with a singular, heavenly white light, creating an atmosphere of pure joy and sophistication 👰‍♀️🤵‍♂️.

🥂 Each glass is a standalone masterpiece, promising to be the talking point of any table setting or hand it graces 🏆🌈.

🥂Our LED Champagne Glass is not just drinkware, it’s a statement piece that offers a steady glow to make every sip magical 🌟🍸.

🥂 Suited for grand banquets or intimate dinners, the steady light feature of our glass mirrors the enduring memories made 🍽️✨.

Quantity Price
1-3 $4.19
4-7 $4.14
8-11 $4.09
12-35 $4.04
36-71 $3.99
72-143 $3.94
144-287 $3.89
288-503 $3.84
504-1007 $3.79
1008+ $3.74

🍾 “Hey there, I’m Joanna, the Steady White LED Champagne Glass, and I’m here to brighten up your soirées with a splash of sophistication and a dash of dazzle! ✨

Are you tired of the same old clinking? Want to add a spark to your sparkle? Well, look no further, because I’m not your average glass; I’m the life of the party, encapsulated in crystal-clear elegance. 🥂

Let’s talk specs: I come with a glow that’s as pure as your intentions for the evening. With my White LED lights, I’ll keep the ambiance just right, all night. And don’t worry about me running out of juice; my three AG13 batteries are replaceable. We can keep going until the sun comes up! ☀️

I’m not just a pretty face—I’m practical, too. At 2.75″ x 7.75″, I’m the perfect size for a delicate grip and a 6 oz fill. Just enough to savor, not so much you can’t favor another pour. 🥳

Activating my luminous charm is as easy as pie. Just connect my stem to the base—think of it as the Cinderella moment for your tabletop. A gentle press under my base, and voilà, you have the steady white light of a thousand stars at your fingertips. ✨

Whether you’re toasting to a ‘Happy New Year’ or just making a Wednesday feel like a Saturday, I’m your gal. From weddings to birthdays, or any day that ends in ‘y’, let’s make it memorable with a light that never flickers out. 🎉

So here’s to the nights we won’t remember and to the glass that will make sure you never forget them. Raise a Joanna and let the good times roll!” 🎇

Cheers to making every moment glow with a little help from your bright friend, Joanna. 🌟