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LED Mini Cinema Marquee Lightbox USB Powered Customizable


🌟 Versatile LED Mini Cinema Lightbox shines in pure white, perfect for clear, vibrant messaging.

🔋 Operates on (4) AA batteries, making it easily replaceable and portable for any event.

📏 Compact dimensions of 6×1.5×4 inches; ideal for desks, shelves, or nightstands.

⚡ Comes with a USB cord for power—plug in, flip the switch, and it lights up instantly.

💡 Features a white steady light function, offering consistent and brilliant illumination.

🔄 Easy to switch from USB to battery operation for light-up fun anywhere, anytime.

🎨 Includes black letters and colorful emojis to create personalized, vibrant messages.

📦 Ready-to-use straight out of the box with a USB cord included for your convenience.

🔄 Quick setup: tear away letters from sheets and slide into place for instant messaging.

🌐 The Mini Marquee is not just for parties—it’s a daily companion for bright reminders.

Quantity Price
1-3 $10.79
4-6 $10.69
7-11 $10.59
12-39 $10.49
40-79 $10.39
80-239 $10.29
240-479 $9.99
480-959 $9.79
960+ $9.59

Hey there! I’m Je, the LED Mini Cinema Marquee Lightbox, and I’m here to light up your life—literally! 🎬💡 Whether you’re a movie buff or someone who just loves a little pizzazz, I’m your go-to for that personal touch of flair. And guess what? I’m USB-powered, which means I’m ready to party anywhere, anytime! No outlets? No problem! I can keep the party going with my battery-powered backup dancers (aka AA batteries; you bring ’em, I’ll spin ’em—batteries not included, though, sorry!) 💃🔋

Now, let’s talk dimensions—I’m a compact little starlet at 6 inches wide, 1.5 inches deep, and 4 inches tall, which means I can fit into the coziest of spots. But don’t let my size fool you; I shine bright with a white light that’ll make your words pop! 🌟📏

Setting me up is as easy as sliding into your crush’s DMs. Got something to say? Spell it out with my sleek black letters and jazz it up with some colorful emojis. 😍💌 First-time setup is like an unboxing video—tear away the letters from their sheets, and slide them onto my board to create your message. It’s a crafty moment you never knew you needed.

To get this light show on the road, plug in the provided USB cord, flip my little switch, and voilà—steady white illumination to bring your thoughts to light. And did I mention I come with this cord? Yep, I’m as ready as you are when the postal worker drops me at your door. 🚪✨

Remember, I’m not just for parties—I’m for those ‘You got this!’ moments, ‘Happy Tuesday’ chuckles, or even a cheeky ‘Don’t forget the milk!’ reminder. So let your imagination run wild and let those words glow! Because with me, Je, every day is a reason to celebrate and illuminate. 🎉💬

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