LED Personalized Sign Write On Color Changing Light Board


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LED Personalized Sign Write On Color Changing Light Board have endless uses because you can personalize it ANY way you like!

Put a personalized greeting for the birthday boy or girl, brightly announce event directions for your guests, or display what’s new on the menu. LED Color Change Light Sign is eye catching hung up on a wall, in a window, or set on a counter top!

Simple assembly required. Display your Plug-In Light Sign 1 of 2 ways:  Slide on the 2 flat feet provided for a table display, OR turn your Light Sign in opposite direction for a hanging sign – chain connects to 2 silver pegs you’ll find in base of sign.  Read the instruction paper provided before you start to doodle! If you decorate before choosing preferred display method, then your design could be upside down.

Use the remote to set your sign on 1 of 16 color settings + 4 multicolor light functions: flash, strobe, smooth glow, fade.

Also included: UL Certified Plug that connects to the USB in Sign, soft microfiber polishing cloth, and white ink liquid chalk marker.

Dimensions: 15.75″ x 12″

LED Colors: Multicolor

Signs come ready to use with A/C Plug.