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LED Jingle Bells Reindeer Antlers Light Up Headband


  • 🦌 Reinvent Your Holiday Style: Tired of traditional Christmas accessories? With Reign, the LED Soft Reindeer Antlers with Jingle Bells, you can step up your holiday fashion game. They’re perfect for night parades, house parties, and everything in between. 🦌
  • 🎅 Magical LED Colors: The scrolling LED lights in rich red and gold hues are designed to captivate attention. Reign turns you into an instant holiday hit, blending in effortlessly with any festive outfit you choose to wear. 🎅
  • 🔔 Melodious Jingle Bells: Each of my antlers is adorned with jingle bells, adding a musical element to your holiday celebrations. Let your presence be heard and seen as you walk into any room or down any street. 🎶🔔
  • 🔋 Easy Activation and Replaceable Batteries: Turning me on is as simple as flipping a switch located in the center. I operate on two AG13 batteries, which are conveniently replaceable, ensuring that our festive fun can go on as long as you want it to. 🔋
  • 📏 Comfortable and Lightweight: Measuring 9.5″ x 12.5″, with antlers standing at 7.5″ tall, I’m designed for optimal comfort. Weighing just 0.38 lbs, you’ll forget you’re even wearing me—until you hear the cheerful jingle of my bells! 📏
  • 🌟 A Hit for All Occasions: Whether it’s a night parade, an office Christmas party, or a cozy evening sipping hot cocoa, Reign is your ultimate holiday accessory, designed to get you into the Christmas spirit. 🌟
  • 🎁 Ultimate Holiday Gift: Looking for the perfect Christmas gift? Look no further! I’m not just a pair of light-up antlers; I’m an experience, a mood, and a festive spectacle all rolled into one. 🎁
  • 👯 One Size Fits All: Reign is designed to fit everyone, from kids to adults. The comfortable band adjusts easily, allowing you to focus on the festive fun rather than fiddling with your accessory. 👯
  • 🌃 Night-Time Marvel: The LED lights are bright enough to make you visible and dazzling in the dark. Be it for a night out or a Christmas parade, I’ll make sure you stand out. 🌃
  • 🎉 Memorable Entrance Guaranteed: With Reign on your head, your entrance will never go unnoticed. Between the lights and the jingles, you’re not just attending the party; you ARE the party. 🎉
Quantity Price
1-2 $4.79
3-5 $4.74
6-8 $4.69
9-11 $4.64
12-71 $4.59
72-143 $4.49
144-287 $4.39
288-575 $4.29
576+ $4.09

🦌🎅 Ho Ho Ho! Greetings, all you jingle-jolly humans! My name is Reign, and I’m here to antler up your holiday season! Yep, you heard right: with me, you don’t just celebrate Christmas; you BECOME Christmas! 🎄🦌

🎉 If you’re ready to be the light of every winter soirée, I’m your ultimate holiday accessory. Cozy up with hot cocoa at a house party or make some noise at a festive night parade. Wherever you go, my red and gold LEDs and jingle bells announce your fabulous presence! 🎉

🔴✨ With LED colors that scroll up like a magical holiday scroll, I light up in red and gold hues that match perfectly with any ugly sweater or chic Christmas cape you plan to wear. Rudolph who? When you’re wearing me, you’re the star on the sleigh ride! ✨🔴

🔔 Ring-a-ding-ding! Each one of my antlers comes decked with jingle bells. These aren’t just for show; they add a little sound to your holiday spectacle. Just think of it as your theme music as you make your grand entrance! 🔔

🔋 Powering me up is as easy as flipping a center switch. I come with two AG13 batteries, which are replaceable, so our holiday fun never has to end! A Christmas without Reign is like milk without cookies; it just doesn’t make sense! 🍪🔋

📏 Speaking of perfect fits, let’s talk size. I measure 9.5″ x 12.5″, and my antlers stand a majestic 7.5″ tall. And at a weight of 0.38 lbs, I’m light enough for you to forget you’re wearing me—until you hear the bells, that is! 📏

🎄 Whether you’re planning to don me for a casual winter night out or take me along to the biggest holiday house party of the year, know that you’re never underdressed or overdressed; you’re always Reign-dressed! 🎄

🥳 So, don’t settle for the same old Santa hats or snowflake sweaters. Let’s take this holiday season to a whole new level of festive fun. Put on Reign, your go-to Light Up Reindeer Antlers, and let’s “have a great night out this Christmas season!” 🥳

🎁 As a bonus, I make a great gift. Imagine the smiles when someone unwraps me Christmas morning. I’m not just a present; I’m a whole holiday mood! 🎁

😂 Say goodbye to ho-ho-hum holiday fashion and hello to Reign-tastic fabulousness! Who knew antlers could be this fun? Well, me. That’s who. 😂

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