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LED Frosted Champagne Glass with Black Base


  • 🌌 Galactic Glow: Dive into a mesmerizing sea of colors with Frotty’s radiant LED hues of blue, red, and green, turning every sip into a cosmic journey.
  • 🥂 Class Apart: A champagne glass that stands out, Frotty boasts a frosted finish, complemented by an ever-elegant classy black base.
  • 🎉 Party Ready: Perfect for New Years Eve bashes, adult birthdays, and black tie extravaganzas, this glass ensures you’re the life of the party.
  • 🎨 Seven Wonders: With a button press, cycle through SEVEN spectacular LED colors, offering a shade for every mood and theme.
  • 🔋 Energized Fun: Powered by three AG13 batteries, Frotty promises a long-lasting luminance, ensuring the party never stops.
  • 🌟 Starry Size: A delightful 6 oz. in both dimensions and volume, it’s just the right size for those golden champagne bubbles.
  • 🔄 Transitional Talent: Watch in awe as Frotty showcases a slow, breathtaking color transition, from one shade to the next.
  • 🔒 Seal the Deal: Some assembly required, but remember, a tight seal between the cup and base is essential. Press hard and cheers!
  • 🎁 Gift Ready: Each Frotty arrives in a plain, sophisticated white box. It’s retail-ready, making it a unique gift for any celebration.
  • 📦 Bulk Bliss: For event planners or grand parties, Frotty comes in cartons with 48 pieces. More Frottys = More fun!
Quantity Price
1-2 $3.99
3-5 $3.94
6-8 $3.89
9-11 $3.84
12-71 $3.79
72-143 $3.69
144-287 $3.59
288-575 $3.49
576+ $3.29

Hey there! 😎 Frotty here – the one and only Frosted LED Champagne Glass with Classy Black Base. But please, just call me Frotty – the “Frosted LED Champagne Glass with Classy Black Base” thing is so 2021. 😉

When you’re thinking of sipping some bubbly, you gotta do it in style! 🥂 Let’s light up the party, quite literally! I come with this ravishing glow. Blue. Red. Green. Oh, and did I mention SEVEN different colors? 💙❤️💚 Rainbows are kinda jealous of me. 🌈

At fancy New Years Eve parties, they whisper about me. At adult birthday bashes, I’m the center of attraction. Black tie events? Pfft. I wear the classiest black base every day! Look at that sleek and dark stem. Just like a James Bond tuxedo, but cooler! 🤵

You may wonder, “How does this delightful fellow get his glow on?” Just a little tickle on my base button and BOOM! Disco Frotty in the house! 🕺 And I let you control my vibe. A button press and voila! A new shade. Seven whole times. And then, I’ll serenade you with a slow, sultry color transition – making you the star of the show. ⭐

Now, I’ve got some secrets. 🤫 I run on (3) AG13 batteries. Yep, replaceable! I’m 6 oz of sheer awesomeness, both in volume and stature. And remember, when we get together, press down real hard. We want that connection to be tight. 😉 No awkward separations mid-toast!

Though I shine brighter than your ex’s future, I come modestly packed. Each of me in a humble white box. But you know, classy outside, party inside! 🎉 48 of my brothers and I fit in a carton. And trust me, the more Frottys, the merrier the festivity!

So, let’s make a toast to the best glass in the galaxy – me, Frotty! 🍾 Cheers to laughter, love, light, and LEDs! Cheers to YOU! 😄🥂