Flashing Pacifier


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I’m an adult baby, and I’m pretty tough My pacifier flashes, interestingly enough I have a hairy chest, but I like to wear a diaper But I’m actually just as strong as a horned viper NOTE: Light Up Flashing Mouthpieces (Flashing Teeth) are novelty products only and are not for babies. This item is made from FDA approved plastic. Item Dimensions: Height: 1.43 in. , 3.63 cm. Width: 2.00 in. , 5.08 cm. Packaging Dimensions: Height: 5.62 in. , 14.27 cm. Width: 3.00 in. , 7.62 cm. Depth: 2.00 in. , 5.08 cm. LED Colors: Blue, Green, Red Batteries: Includes 3 AG10 Batteries. Batteries for this item are replaceable. Packaging: Individually wrapped in a plastic case.