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Santa Hat with Stars


  • Sparkling Red LEDs: Adorned with radiant red lights, these stars will make your festive nights as merry as Santa’s laugh. 🌟🎅
  • Festive Power Source: Powered by (2) AG13 batteries, ensuring your holiday glow lasts longer than the winter nights. 🔋❄️
  • Replaceable Batteries: Easy to swap batteries mean you can keep your hat twinkling from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day. 🔁🎉
  • Comfortable Dimensions: At a cozy 16 inches by 12 inches, this hat is designed to fit all elves, from Dasher to Blitzen. 📐🦌
  • Holiday Headgear Staple: The classic dimensions mean it’s the perfect topper for your festive and “Tacky” Christmas sweaters. 🧢🎄
  • Blinky Brilliance: With a press of a button, choose between fast and slow blinks to match the tempo of your Christmas carols. 💡🎶
  • Plush Softness: Crafted with a soft, comfortable fabric that’s as gentle as freshly fallen snow. ❄️👒
  • Inner Lining Pocket: A hidden pocket secures the battery house, keeping the magic of Christmas a delightful secret. 🤫🔒
  • Easy Activation: A simple pull tab in the lining starts the light show, as effortless as pulling a cracker on Christmas Day. 💥🎄
  • Versatile Festivity: Whether it’s a stocking stuffer or the crown jewel of your Christmas party, this hat’s a holiday hit. 🎁🥳
Quantity Price
1-2 $1.79
3-5 $1.77
6-8 $1.74
9-11 $1.69
12-71 $1.64
72-143 $1.59
144-287 $1.54
288-575 $1.49
576+ $1.44

Hey there, holiday humans! I’m Sanctu, the snazziest Light Up Santa Hat with Stars you’ll ever meet, and I’m here to tell you that I’m the only cap you need to sleigh your Christmas party. 🎅✨

Forget those ordinary, dull Santa hats! My red LED stars will have you out-blinking Rudolph’s nose on a foggy night. 🦌❤️✨ Perfect for jazzing up your festive outfit or pairing with that “Tacky” Christmas Sweater your grandma knitted. 🧶

Now, let’s talk turkey—er, I mean, batteries. I come with (2) AG13 batteries, and yes, they’re replaceable. That means the party only stops when you say so, not when the batteries do. 🔋🔄

I’m not just a pretty face with a pom-pom; I’ve got the dimensions of 16″ x 12″ to fit all those sugar-plum-filled heads out there. And my soft, plush fabric? Like hugging a cloud—Santa’s personal cloud, to be exact. ☁️🤗

To unleash my full party potential, delve into my secret pocket within the white inner lining. You’ll find my battery house; pull the tab like you’re starting Santa’s sleigh, and we’re in business! 🏠🔑

Looking for the light show? Simply press the button nestled among my stars. Tap it to cycle through my festive flash settings, from fast blinks that’ll get you noticed across the room to slow glows that say, “I’m a chilled-out Claus.” 🌟🎶

Whether you’re gifting me to your Kris Kringle or keeping me all to yourself, I promise to light up your Christmas spirit faster than you can say “jingle bells!” So, cap off your holiday wardrobe with a twinkle and a giggle, courtesy of me, Sanctu, the starriest Santa hat this side of the North Pole! 🎄😂✨