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Enchanted Mystic Magic Wizard Light Up Musical Wand Light Brown


  • 🪄 Be a Wizard: With Abra, the Enchanted Wizard Magic Wand for kids, let your imagination run wild! Ideal for the aspiring wizards, witches, or Halloween princesses in your life. 💫
  • 💡 LED Magic: This wand isn’t ordinary, it’s enchanting! Light up your adventures with Abra’s captivating blue LED light. A magical accessory for all occasions. 🔮
  • 🎼 Magical Sound Effect: Each press of the ON button not only lights up Abra, but also triggers a mystical sound effect. It’s like having your very own spellcasting soundtrack! 🎶
  • 🔄 Replaceable Batteries: Abra is powered by three AG13 batteries that are replaceable, ensuring endless hours of fun and magic! 🎇
  • 📐 Perfectly Sized: With dimensions of 14.5″ x 1″ and a weight of just 0.152 lbs, Abra is comfortable to hold, making it the perfect size for all aspiring magicians. 👌
  • ✨ Twinkle Tip: Every activation makes the tip of Abra twinkle for three seconds, adding an extra layer of magic to your spellcasting! 🌠
  • 🍃 Ensnaring Ivy Pattern: Abra is adorned with a beautifully detailed ivy pattern that wraps around the entirety of the wand, giving it a truly enchanted look. 🎩
  • 🔄 Energy Efficient: Abra’s tip twinkles and sounds for 3 seconds, then it automatically shuts off, preserving battery life for more magic! 💡
  • 👻 Halloween Must-Have: Abra is the ultimate Halloween accessory. Light up your costume with this Enchanted Wizard Magic Wand. 🎃
  • 🧚‍♂️ Unleash Creativity: Abra isn’t just a wand, it’s a tool to spark imagination and creative play. Make every day magical with this enchanting wand! 🌈
Quantity Price
1-2 $3.19
3-5 $3.14
6-8 $3.09
9-11 $3.04
12-71 $2.99
72-143 $2.89
144-287 $2.79
288-575 $2.69
576+ $2.59

Hello, friend! I’m Abra, your new Enchanted Wizard Magic Wand! Ready to weave some magic together? 🎩✨

Whoever said magic was hard, probably never had a friend like me! Just grab onto my sleek 14.5″ x 1″ frame and give me a little flick. Trust me, it’s as quick as a tick and twice as thrilling! 🕓🪄

You see, I’m not just any wand. I’m your LED Enchanted Wand Stick, great for all your wizardly woe needs. And what could be more enchanting than a beautifully detailed ivy pattern that wraps around me, giving an ensnared look? Not much, if you ask me! 🌿💫

But wait, there’s more! My blue LED light is the cherry on top. Powered by three replaceable AG13 batteries, I’m the luminary sidekick every aspiring wizard, witch, or Halloween princess needs! I weigh just 0.152 lbs, which makes me light, not just in glow but in hold too. 💙🔮

Want to know my secret trick? To activate my magic, simply remove the pull tab and press the ON button. Watch as my tip twinkles for 3 seconds, accompanied by a magical sound effect. But don’t worry, I’ll automatically shut-off until the next time you need me. All the fun, none of the battery drain! 🎶🌠

With me, Abra, your LED Enchanted Magic Wand, every day becomes a magical adventure. So, ready to take your wizardly skills to the next level? Remember, a flick quick as a tick! 💜🎉”

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