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Red Fiber Optic Wand with Red LEDs



🎇 I’m The Flashing Firecracker – your radiant Red Fiber Optic Wedding Wand that can light up any celebration.

💡 With my LED colors in vibrant red, I bring a warm and festive touch to your special occasions.

🔋 I come equipped with four AG13 batteries. And yes, they are replaceable – ensuring our celebrations keep going!

💪 With a length of 14″ and a diameter of 0.75″, I promise a comfortable grip, perfect for waving around.

🎈 Weighing just 0.07 lbs, I’m light and easy to handle. Dance around, wave me high, I promise not to tire you out.

🎆 As a red fiber optic wand, I can fill in for fireworks, creating a spectacular light show right in your hand.

🎉 I’ve been to a 4th of July wedding, lighting up the event in place of fireworks. What an experience!

📏 My slim design ensures I fit snugly in your hand. Light and easy to use, I am an ideal accessory for any celebration.

🎨 I am printable, which means you can add a personal touch to me. A lovely message, the couple’s name, or the wedding date, I can carry them all.

❤️ As a red LED wand, I’m not just a flashy accessory; I am a symbol of love and festivity, ready to add a warm glow to your special day.

Quantity Price
1-4 $1.69
5-8 $1.67
9-11 $1.64
12-71 $1.62
72-143 $1.59
144-287 $1.57
288-575 $1.54
576-1151 $1.49
1152+ $1.39

Hello there! I’m The Flashing Firecracker Replacement – your extraordinary Red Fiber Optic Wedding Wand! 🎇❤️️

Guess what? I once attended a wedding on the 4th of July! Yes, a wedding! But not just any wedding – a wedding where I got to replace the fireworks! Can you imagine? Me, a humble LED wand, got to fill in for the star-spangled spectacle in the sky! 🎆💒

I bring with me a radiant red glow that can compete with any firework out there. My 14 inches of gleaming red sparkle fibers light up any celebration, courtesy of my four AG13 batteries. And don’t you worry, they’re replaceable, so the party never has to end! 🎉🔋

Weighing just 0.07 lbs, I am light as a feather. So, whether you are waving me around or engaging in an impromptu dance, I promise not to weigh you down. Plus, with my slim diameter of 0.75″, I fit snugly in your hand, ready to light up on command. 💃🕺

But I’m not just about the looks; I’m all for personalization too! I’m printable. That’s right; you can adorn me with a lovely message, the couple’s name, or the wedding date. I add that extra touch of personal charm to your special day. 🖋️📅

So, if you are planning a 4th of July wedding, or any event where you need a touch of red sparkle, remember me – The Flashing Firecracker, your friendly Red Fiber Optic Wedding Wand. Together, we can make any celebration an illuminated memory! 🥳✨

Customer Reviews

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wedding things!

Our guests loved this wand so much. This was a hit during our wedding reception. Recommended.