4 Inch Glow Stick Orange Pack of 50


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Either you love it or hate it. Our 4 Inch Glow Stick Orange Pack of 50 is a fun, dynamic color that tends to have an elicit strong ties between colors red and yellow. The use of color orange is prevalent among university athletic teams. It personifies the communication of energy, life, motivation and activity.

This Orange Glow sticks can be used for a variety of purposes. Along with recreational uses, these are sometimes relied upon for fund raising, campers, police, military, and fire safety operations.

Our Glow Stick contains a safe non-toxic chemical that illuminates once activated. To activate, bend the stick until you hear it crack inside. Then shake it up and watch it glow!

This is sold in an increments of 50. When you purchase 1, you will be receiving 50 PCS; when you purchase 2, you will be receiving 100; when you purchase 3, you will be receiving 150 PCS.

Glow Stick Length: 4 inches Diameter: 0.59 inches

Glow Stick Color: Orange