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1 Case Light Up Snowflakes Light Up Wand


  • 🌟 The LED Snowflake Wand, aka Anna, stands tall at 15 inches, just the perfect size to weave magic! Sprinkle enchantment around without the wand becoming a burden. 📏✨
  • 💡 It’s powered by 4 AG13 batteries that are included with the product. So, the moment you receive it, the magic begins! And guess what, these batteries are replaceable! So, the magic never ends! 🔋🔁
  • 🌈 The Wand illuminates in all colors, thanks to its multicolor LED lights. Whether you’re in a blue mood or feeling pretty in pink, Anna matches your vibe! 💙💗
  • ⚡️ Anna offers you three light modes: fast flash, slow flash, and steady on. Choose what suits your mood or the occasion – be it a fast-paced party or a slow, romantic dinner. 🎉🕯️
  • 🎄 Perfect for Christmas stocking stuffers, this LED Snowflake Wand will surely bring a gleeful surprise to your loved ones! A gift that illuminates love! 🎁💞
  • 🥇 Double it up as game prizes and see the winner’s eyes glow brighter than the wand itself! A win that keeps the party spirits high! 🏆🎈
  • ❄️ It’s also an ideal accessory for your winter wonderland decoration. With this wand, transform your home into a magical snowy landscape. ⛄🏠
  • 🪄 Being light as a feather, weighing only 0.25 lbs, Anna ensures you don’t feel weighed down while waving your magic wand. Light in weight, high on magic! 🕊️💫
  • 🎊 Packaged in cases of 144 pieces, Anna believes in strength in numbers! Get ready to throw a party that echoes with laughter and sparkles with magic! 🎉🎇
  • 🎂 Not just a Christmas accessory, Anna is perfect for all occasions – birthdays, anniversaries, or just a regular night that you want to make special. Because every day deserves a touch of magic! 🌠🎈
Quantity Price
1-2 $324.99
3-4 $320.99
5-6 $316.99
7-11 $312.99
12-23 $308.99
24-47 $304.99
48-95 $299.99
96-287 $289.99
288+ $279.99

Hey there! 🖐 I’m a magical creature known as LED Snowflake Wand, but you can call me Anna. 😄 Just like your friend, the magic wand in fairy tales, I too, can turn ordinary moments into extraordinary ones! ❄️

Being 15 inches tall, I’m just the perfect size to bring enchantment to your life. 📏 Not too big, not too small. I’m also quite light, weighing just a mere 0.25 lbs. Yes, I care about your comfort! 😇

Wrapped inside me are 4 AG13 batteries, 💡 ready to light up your world with my three light modes: fast flash, slow flash, and steady on. Choose whatever suits your mood! 💃🕺

I bet you’re wondering what color I glow? Well, the answer is – ALL! 🌈 I’m a master of colors, sprinkling around my multicolor LED lights, perfect to add the right amount of festive cheer to your celebrations. 🎊🎉

Use me as your secret weapon for Christmas stocking stuffers or game prizes. 🎁 Let the winner’s eyes glow with surprise and joy when they see me. Also, I’d love to hang around with you at your winter wonderland parties. 🥳

And hey, I’m no one-time wonder. My batteries are replaceable! So, we can keep the magic going forever! 🔮

Just imagine, with just a swish of me, your LED Snowflake Wand, you can transform your party into a magical spectacle! ✨

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, I come in packs of 144 pieces per case. I believe in strength in numbers! So, let’s fill your place with enchanting vibes! 🎈🎈

So, are you ready to add a little more sparkle to your life? Grab me now and let’s light up the world together! 🌟🎆

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