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Expandable Sword Blue LEDs


LED Colors: Blue
Batteries: (4) AG13, Replaceable
Dimensions: Length: 35.5″
Printable: Yes
Weight: 0.395 lbs


Quantity Price
1-2 $3.59
3-5 $3.54
6-11 $3.49
12-47 $3.44
48-95 $3.39
96-239 $3.29
240-479 $3.19
480-959 $3.09
960+ $2.99

Hello there, future hero! 🚀 Let me introduce myself – I’m Liberator Luminosa: The Galactic Beacon! 👋💫

From the heart of the nebulous star clusters, I emerged – a beacon of hope for those lost in the darkness. 🌌 A gleaming tool forged not just for the 4th of July celebrations, but for every day when a spark of courage needs to be kindled. I’m your expandable blue LED sword, with a touch of stellar flare. 🎆🗡️

With my scintillating LED Colors shining purely blue, I’m like a slice of the sky, the night adorned with twinkling stars, right in your hands. 💙✨ The power I hold runs on (4) AG13 batteries, not mystical runes or charms – and the best part? They’re replaceable! No need for ancient incantations, just a quick battery change and I’m good to go! 🔄🔋

Ah, my majestic physique! I stand tall at 35.5 inches in length, perfect for those valiant duels and defending your intergalactic territories. 💪📏 Despite my towering presence, I weigh a mere 0.395 lbs, light enough for swift swings yet sturdy enough to stand your ground. 🪶⚖️

For a more personalized experience, my blade can be threaded and screwed into the handle. A bit of manual magic, you could say. 🔩🗡️ Remember, heroes, the strength of the blade is not in its sharpness, but in the hands that wield it. 💪🤲

To unlock my powers, simply remove the pull tab and press the button – voila! You’re ready to shine in the dark. 💡🌑 You have the liberty to choose from 3 light options: Flash, Blink, and Steady. Each unique, each a spectacle.💥🌟

I, Liberator Luminosa: The Galactic Beacon, am not just a Blue LED Expandable Flashing Sword. I’m a symbol of valor, a companion in darkness, a beacon of hope. Together, we’ll illuminate the cosmos. Ready for the adventure? Let’s bring light to the darkness! 💫🌠

  • 🌌 Stellar Design: Liberator Luminosa is a beacon of hope. A gleaming blue LED sword forged not just for 4th of July celebrations, but for everyday adventures and epic battles. 🎆🗡️
  • 💡 Dazzling LED Colors: Liberator Luminosa’s pure blue hue embodies the limitless sky. A touch of the cosmos right in your hands. Let your heroism shine bright. 💙✨
  • 🔋 Power On Demand: The sword’s power is fueled by (4) AG13 batteries. Worry not about waning magic, for these are replaceable! No charms, just a quick battery change! 🔄🔋
  • 📏 Mighty Size: Standing tall at 35.5 inches, Liberator Luminosa is your reliable ally in valiant duels and defending your intergalactic territories. 💪
  • ⚖️ Lightweight: With a weight of just 0.395 lbs, Liberator Luminosa ensures swift movements while holding the line. A balance of agility and durability is key! 🪶⚡
  • 🔧 Expandable Blade: Liberator Luminosa’s blade is threaded and screwed into the handle, giving you the control to adjust as per your preference. Your sword, your way! 🔩🗡️
  • 🎇 Multiple Light Modes: From a steady glow to a pulsating flash, choose from 3 light options to match your style and mood. Each a spectacle, each unique. 💥🌟
  • 🔮 Easy Activation: To bring Liberator Luminosa to life, remove the pull tab, press the button, and let your gallantry glow. Ready to shine in the dark! 💡🌑
  • 🛡️ Perfect for Every Occasion: Be it a holiday celebration, a costume party or a space-themed gathering, Liberator Luminosa is your trusted companion, always ready to light up the event. 🎉🚀
  • 🚀 Galactic Adventure Companion: Liberator Luminosa is not just a blue LED expandable flashing sword, it’s a symbol of valor and a beacon of hope. Together, let’s illuminate the cosmos. 💫🌠