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Expandable Sword Blue LEDs


LED Colors: Blue
Batteries: (4) AG13, Replaceable
Dimensions: Length: 35.5″
Printable: Yes
Weight: 0.395 lbs


1-2 $5.49
3-5 $5.44
6-11 $5.39
12-47 $3.24
48-95 $3.14
96-239 $3.09
240-479 $3.04
480-959 $2.99
960+ $2.94

The sword of Inigo it ain’t But even still, it’s REALLY great! Insanity’s cliffs you won’t have to climb to have yourself a fabulous time!!! Whether you’ve six fingers or five Make your imagination come alive! Snap into action with an Expandable Light Swords! Expandable Light Swords start out short and inconspicuous but with a quick flick of your wrist they are in full force and ready for fun! To activate, simply push the small blue button on the handle and the sword will begin to flash. Press the button once more and the sword will stay blue. Press it once more to deactivate. Once the sword expands, simply push the tip downward until it is fully contracted. This is just one of our great Light Swords! Height (Expanded): 35.5 in. , 90.17 cm. Height (Contracted) 15.0 in. , 38.1 cm. Width: 2.25 in. , 5.72 cm. LED Colors: 3 Blue Includes 3 AG13 Batteries. Batteries are replaceable for this item but it is very difficult to remove the screw on the battery housing.