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White Flashing Hawaiian Lei Necklace


  • 🌺💡 Florence, the White Hawaiian Flower Light Up Lei, brings a unique blend of traditional Hawaiian culture and modern LED technology.
  • 🕺🎉 With Florence, you have the power to shine. Its white LEDs can cycle through three different modes – Twinkle, Flash, and Steady.
  • 🔋💪 Equipped with three AG13 batteries, Florence promises a long-lasting light show. And the best part? The batteries are replaceable!
  • ⛓️🌺 With a length of 34″, Florence is designed to comfortably fit around your neck, ensuring you can enjoy your party hands-free.
  • ⚖️🎈 At only 0.13 lbs, Florence is a lightweight accessory that you can wear all day or all night without any discomfort.
  • 💡🔄 Florence’s LED lights are easy to activate. Just remove the pull tab and press the button located on the battery house.
  • 🎉🌴 From themed parties to summer BBQs, Florence adds a touch of tropical elegance to any event.
  • 🎁🥳 Florence makes for a memorable party favor that your guests will be talking about long after the event.
  • 🏝️🌟 Capture the aloha spirit with Florence, a glowing representation of the iconic Hawaiian Lei.
  • 🌎💫 Whether it’s a luau or a casual get-together, Florence helps you light up the world one party at a time.
Quantity Price
1-5 $2.69
6-11 $2.64
12-71 $2.59
72-143 $2.54
144-287 $2.49
288-575 $2.39
576-1151 $2.29
1152+ $2.19

🌺🔆 Aloha, my friend! My name is Florence, the White Hawaiian Flower Light Up Lei! I’m your personal party enhancer, a gleaming garland of floral goodness designed to take any celebration up a notch. 🎉🍍

Don’t let my charmingly classic appearance fool you. Sure, I may look like a traditional Hawaiian lei, but I’ve got a few tricks up my petals. With the press of a button, I can light up the night with my twinkling, flashing, and steady LED lights. Talk about a surprise party for your eyes! 🎈💡

As a vibrant symbol of aloha spirit, I’m not just for luau parties. Wear me to a summer BBQ, themed parties, or even just to brighten up a gloomy Tuesday. Why not? Life’s too short for boring accessories! 🥳🌺

White LEDs? Check! Replaceable AG13 batteries? Check! Long enough to wear around your neck at 34″? Double-check! At only 0.13 lbs, I’m a lightweight party companion ready to turn heads and light up faces (literally and figuratively)! 🌟🎊

To activate my dazzling light show, simply remove the pull tab and press the button on my battery house. Watch as I cycle through my light functions, casting a beautiful glow wherever you go. Prepare for envious glances, my friend! 🕺💃

So, are you ready to add a little flash to your festivities? Then let’s get this party started! As they say in Hawaii, ‘E komo mai’ or ‘Come join us’. Grab your Florence the White Hawaiian Flower Light Up Lei and let’s light up the world together! 🌺🌍