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White Flashing Hawaiian Lei Necklace


* LED Colors: White
* Batteries: (3) AG13, Replaceable
* Dimensions: Length: 34″
* Printable: No
* Weight: 0.13 lbs


1-5 $4.49
6-11 $4.29
12-71 $2.34
72-143 $2.24
144-287 $2.19
288-575 $2.14
576-1151 $2.09
1152+ $2.04

The White Satin Hawaiian Flower Lei Necklace! Oh boy, this is the jewelry piece of my dreams. I’m not really obsessed with the color white or anything, but what I really want is to wear this lei on every part of my body.
I mean, think about it – why settle for just wearing it around my neck when I can wear it on my head, my arms, my legs, and even my toes? I could be like a walking, talking lei monster, covered from head to toe in these beautiful satin flowers.
I could start with the basics, like wearing it around my neck, and then move on to more advanced techniques. I could tie it around my head like a bandana or wrap it around my wrist like a bracelet. I could even wear it like a belt around my waist or as a sash across my chest.
But why stop there? I could get really creative and wear it like a choker around my throat or even as a tie around my neck. I could wear it like a hairband or wrap it around my ponytail. And if I’m feeling really bold, I could wear it like a necklace around my ankle or a bracelet around my upper arm.
I know what you’re thinking – “Isn’t that a bit excessive?” But hear me out – it’s all about making a statement. It’s about showing the world that I’m not afraid to take fashion risks, to step outside the box and try new things.
So come on, let’s all join the lei party! Let’s wear the White Satin Hawaiian Flower Lei Necklace on every part of our body, from our head to our toes. Let’s be bold, let’s be daring, and most importantly, let’s have fun! Because when it comes down to it, fashion is all about expressing ourselves and having a good time.

Dimensions: Length: 34″
LED Colors: White
Batteries: (3) AG13, Replaceable
Weight: 0.145 lbs
Mode: Twinkle, Flash, Steady

1 qty per ordered. When you purchase 1 you will receive 1, when you buy 2 you will receive 2 pcs and so on.

This stunning and durable White Flashing Hawaiian Lei Necklace, delicate flower lei make wonderful gifts for any occasion. Our gorgeous flower lei makes an unforgettable anniversary gift.

Includes AG13 replaceable batteries.