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US Navy Crossing The Line Shellback Bronze Challenge Coin


🚢 Durable zinc alloy material ensures your US Navy Shellback Coin withstands time and tide.

📏 Generous 1.7-inch diameter makes for a substantial token, symbolizing a sailor’s significant achievement.

🛡️ At 0.12 inches thick, this coin has a solid heft that feels as substantial as the honor it represents.

🌟 Gleaming bronze plating gives this challenge coin a prestigious look that catches the eye and signifies valor.

🦅 Features the iconic United States Navy logo, evoking the proud spirit and tradition of naval service.

🌊 The reverse side boasts a “Shellback Crossing The Line” design with a striking King Neptune imagery.

🎖️ Commemorative piece to celebrate the timeless naval tradition of becoming a Shellback.

🎁 Comes with a complimentary clear case, ensuring your collectible remains in mint condition.

🌐 An emblematic collectible that crosses international waters with its universal symbol of maritime passage.

✨ A perfect blend of aesthetics and meaning, this coin is a must-have for naval personnel and enthusiasts.

Quantity Price
1-2 $2.19
3-5 $2.18
6-8 $2.17
9-11 $2.14
12-47 $2.09
48-95 $2.04
96-239 $1.99
240-479 $1.94
480+ $1.89

Ahoy there, mateys! Name’s Serje, the bronze-plated beacon of bravery from the U.S. Navy, shining brighter than a lighthouse on a foggy night. 🚢💡 With my 1.7 inches of maritime majesty, I’m here to tell the tale of every sailor’s rite of passage as they cross the equatorial line. 🌊

Crafted from the sturdiest zinc alloy this side of the seven seas, I’m not just a coin; I’m a medal of honor for those who’ve earned their sea legs and the title ‘Shellback’. King Neptune himself graces my backside, trident in hand, riding an ocean steed like the boss of the seas he is. 🐟👑

On my flip side? The proud and mighty emblem of the United States Navy, soaring like an eagle above the waves – because when you’ve got wings and flippers, why not use ’em both? 🦅

I’m a solid 0.12 inches thick – that’s the kind of thickness that says, “I’ve weathered storms and tales more twisted than a sailor’s knot.” No flimsy coin here, no siree! 🌪️💪

My color? The hue of heroism, a bronze so deep it’d make a sunset jealous. And because I’m all about that shiny life, I come with my own clear case, a transparent throne to keep me smudge-free and ready for action. 👑🛡️

I’m the sort of treasure you won’t bury, a collector’s gem that tells a story of tradition, triumph, and maybe a touch of seasickness. But let’s focus on the triumph, shall we? 🏆

So whether you’re a swabbie or a salty sea dog, a landlubber or a veteran of the vast blue, I’m here to join your crew. Let’s set sail on the voyage of life with a coin that’s as ready for adventure as you are! ⚓️🧭

Choose me, Serje, for your pocket, your collection, or as a gift to the sailor in your life. Because everyone needs a trusty coin by their side – even if your ‘side’ is a comfy armchair rather than the deck of a ship. Sailors, we salute you – with a coin that’s as bold as your spirit! 🖖💖

Ready to anchor down your collection with the might of Neptune and the pride of the Navy? Look no further, because Serje the Shellback coin is shipping out to you, ready to make a splash in your world! 🚤🌍

Fair winds, following seas, and shiny coins – that’s the Shellback way. Climb aboard and let’s make some waves together! 🌬️🌊🪙

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