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Red White Blue Noodle Headband Flashing Dreads


LED Colors: White
Batteries: (3) AG13, Replaceable
Dimensions: Width – 12″ x Noodle Length: 15″ (can stretch to approx 30″)
Printable: Yes
Weight: 0.692 lbs


Quantity Price
1-5 $4.99
6-8 $4.94
9-11 $4.89
12-47 $4.49
48-95 $4.44
96-239 $4.39
240-479 $4.34
480-959 $4.29
960+ $4.24

🎆Greetings, fine citizens! I am George Washingdread, your LED Flashing Dreads Headband of patriotic red, white, and blue! What a splendid day to light up your world in grand style.

💡 As you might observe, my LED colors are a radiant white, as dazzling as the stars in Old Glory! If only our dear General had swapped his drab wig for my effervescent charm, imagine the morale of the troops! 🌟🔋 Power, you ask? Fear not! I come equipped with three AG13 batteries, and they are replaceable, my friends. Hence, the merriment under my illuminating company never has to end. 🔄

📏 Now, don’t be fooled by my size. With a width of 12″ and noodles stretching from 15″ to an astonishing 30″, I am like the Delaware River that brave Washington crossed, except I am much more splendidly perched atop your head! 🏞️

⚖️ Despite my grandeur, I am as light as a feather, weighing just 0.652 lbs. Perfectly suited for a glorious night-long revelry under the stars and stripes. 🎉

🔴⚪🔵 To witness me in all my glory, press the button on top of my black plastic headpiece. I proudly display three flashing functions: fast flash, slow flash, and steady light. Your very own personal fireworks display, right on your head! 🎇 🕺 Just as our esteemed Washington led the Continental Army to victory, I am here to lead your celebration to an unparalleled crescendo of fun. Don your George Washingdread, and let us make history together, my friends! 🎆

  • 💡 As George Washingdread, I am an effervescent LED Flashing Dreads Headband, ready to bring life to your patriotic celebrations with my radiant white lights. Oh, how General Washington would’ve loved to replace his drab wig with my exciting colors
  • 🇺🇸 Adorned in the noble hues of red, white, and blue, I am your ideal companion for all your patriotic festivities. Be it the Fourth of July, President’s Day, or any day you want to celebrate freedom, I am here to make it memorable.
  • 🔋 I am powered by three AG13 batteries that come included with me. And what’s even better? They are replaceable! I promise you a never-ending party under my glowing presence.
  • 📏 Don’t let my compact size fool you. With a width of 12″ and noodle length stretching from 15″ to a potential 30″, I am as expansive and accommodating as you need me to be.
  • ⚖️ Weighing in at just 0.652 lbs, I am lightweight and convenient. Wear me all night long without a care in the world!
  • 🎇 Activate my sparkling charm with a simple press of a button located on top of my black plastic headpiece. Just one click and I am ready to light up your world!
  • 💫 I offer three brilliant flashing functions: fast flash, slow flash, and steady light. I am your personal fireworks display, ready at your command!
  • 🎆 I promise to be more than just an accessory. Wear me, and you’re not just wearing a headband, you’re wearing a symbol of the great American spirit!
  • 💃 My flexible and stretchable structure ensures that I can comfortably fit everyone. From children excited about their school parade to adults at a themed party, I am the perfect fit!
  • 🌟 As George Washingdread, I promise to lead your celebrations to an unparalleled crescendo of fun and joy. Don me, and let’s create history together!

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Sheila Burggraf
Speedy quick service!!!!

Was very satisfied. Got my order in 5 days from start to finish.

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