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Red on Blue on Green LED Flower Hair Clip


🌸 Embrace floral elegance with a height of 2.5 inches and a blossoming diameter of 5 inches, perfect for a statement hairpiece.

🚦 Three vibrant LED hues of red, blue, and green dance across 10 color-changing bulbs, offering a spectacular light show.

🔋 Powered by two CR2032 batteries, this hair clip is designed for longevity and easy battery replacement for endless illumination.

🎨 Experience a spectrum of beauty with a simple press, cycling through a flash function that dazzles and a pulse that mesmerizes.

🌈 Boasting a color change/pulse combination, the flower clip transitions through LED colors, creating a captivating visual rhythm.

🌟 Crafted for convenience, the power button on the side of the battery housing activates your light-up experience effortlessly.

💡 Illuminate your locks with fiber optic edges on each petal, ensuring your hairstyle is the centerpiece of any event.

🎉 From gala to music concerts, this Light Up Flower Clip is your go-to accessory for making a luminous entrance.

🔄 Keep the party glowing; when your clip dims, simply swap out the batteries and you’re back to shining bright.

✨ A simple pull of the tab brings this LED Flower Hair Clip to life, transforming your hairdo into a glowing crown of lights.

Quantity Price
1-2 $5.29
3-5 $5.24
6-8 $5.19
9-11 $5.14
12-47 $5.09
48-95 $5.04
96-239 $4.99
240-479 $4.89
480+ $4.59

Hello there! I’m Rosalinda, the LED Flower Hair Clip, here to tell you why I’m the blooming best thing since sliced bread! 🌺💡

When the skies growl and the newlyweds vow, I’m the spark in the dark, turning frowns upside down. Gifted by a dashing groom to his lovely bride, I’m not just a hair clip, I’m a marriage’s pride! 🌹❤️

Clad in pink and cream with a hint of gold, I’m the light-up queen of the gala, bold and cold. At a gala or a luau, I make heads turn, not just because I’m pretty, but because I actually churn… colors! 🎨

With a diameter of five inches, I’m not shy. Height of 2.5 inches, I’m quite the high! Rocking red, blue, and green LEDs with a power button hidden on the side, just press me to make your hair the ultimate guide. 💃

I’ve got two flashy functions to keep things fresh: a flashy flash to give you that mesh of light and a color change/pulse combo to make your night right. And when my juice runs low, swap those CR2032s and I’m good to glow! 🔋

Whether you’re at a concert, wedding, or any themed spree, clip me on, and let’s make history. Remember, I’m Rosalinda, not just a clip on your hair but a flare of flair, with fiber optics to spare! 🎉

So why settle for a boring bun when you can have a festival on your head? Be the light of the party, or at least pretend. I’m the Red on Blue on Green LED Flower Hair Clip, making every outfit a trip! ✨

Now, let’s get lit—not like that, I mean my bulbs! Join the luminous revolution, be a petal above the rest. With Rosalinda, every moment is zestfully dressed! 🌟

I’m not just a product; I’m a party. I’m not just a clip; I’m a carnival. And most importantly, I’m not just for your hair; I’m for your heart. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time we part… with the mundane, and clip on some fun! 🎈

Grab me, the LED Flower Hair Clip—a bloomin’ genius invention! Because when life gives you storms, I give you illumination! 🎇

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