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USB Rechargeable Light Up Color Changing Multicolor Bluetooth Speaker


  • 🔊🎵 Meet Sonie, your portable Light-Up Bluetooth Speaker ready to amplify your musical experience wherever you are!
  • 🌈💡 With multicolor LED capabilities, Sonie adds a dash of fun and color to every beat, transforming every song into a disco party.
  • 🏖️🏡 Versatile and portable, Sonie is perfect for the beach, a house party, or just an everyday companion at your office or home.
  • 📐🎈 Small but mighty, Sonie measures 4.25″ in height and 2.25″ in diameter, making her a pocket-sized powerhouse.
  • ⚖️🚀 Weighing just 0.42 lbs, Sonie is light as a feather but robust in performance, promising an unmatched portable audio experience.
  • 🔋🔄 Being USB rechargeable, Sonie ensures the party never stops. She comes with a USB cord for easy charging and recharging.
  • 🎛️🌟 Sonie lets you cycle through red, blue, and green LED lights, as well as a special multicolor function that blinks when sound comes directly from the speaker.
  • 🔇🔈 You control the vibe with Sonie! With a double press of the power button, you can turn off the LEDs while continuing to enjoy your music, and turn them back on when you’re ready.
  • 🤝🔊 Easy to pair with your phone, search for “M-201” under your Bluetooth settings to connect with Sonie and start the party.
  • 🥇🌟 Let Sonie light up your world with music. Compact, colorful, and full of fun, she’s the Light-Up Bluetooth Speaker you’ve been waiting for!
Quantity Price
1-2 $12.99
3-7 $12.84
8-11 $12.79
12-23 $12.69
24-47 $12.59
48-95 $12.49
96-287 $12.29
288-498 $11.99
499+ $11.59

🔊🎵 Hi there! Sonie’s my name, and lighting up your life with music is my game. Let me introduce myself, I am a Light-Up Bluetooth Speaker, ready to transform your listening experience from ordinary to extraordinary! 🎶💡

Bored with the bland beats and dull lights? Fret not! I’m here to save the day…and the night. With multicolor LED lights, I’m not just any ordinary speaker. I’m a disco party in your pocket! 🔊🌈

Whether you’re in the comfort of your home, chilling on a beach, or adding some fun to your office, I’m your go-to groove companion. Just connect me to your phone, and let’s create some musical magic! 📱🎼

But hey, don’t judge me by my size! Measuring at just 4.25″ in height and 2.25″ in diameter, I pack a punch when it comes to sound quality. Small but mighty, that’s me! And at a featherlight 0.42 lbs, I’m the perfect portable party partner. 📏🎈

To get the party started, hold my power button for a few seconds. Pair me with your phone by searching for “M-201” under the Bluetooth function. Once we’re connected, let the good times roll! 🤝🎊

Want to mix things up? Press my power button repeatedly to cycle through my LED colors and functions. Red, blue, green… I’ve got them all. And when sound is coming directly from me, my multicolor function adds a dash of disco to your music! 🎛️🌟

Need a break from the lights but still want the music? Just press my power button twice to turn off the LEDs. When you’re ready for the lights again, two more presses will bring them back. Music on, lights off? Or music on, lights on? You decide! 🎶💡

Remember to fully charge me before the first-time use. I come with a USB cord for recharging. Because a party ain’t a party until Sonie lights it up! 🔌🔋

So what are you waiting for? Bring home the fun with Sonie, the Light-Up Bluetooth Speaker. Let’s light up the world with music, one beat at a time! 🎧🌍

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