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Premium LED Foam Cheer Sticks Green for Mardi Gras


💚 Be the emerald envy of every event with Greenalou’s vibrant green LED colors, lighting up festivities with an eco-friendly glow. 🍀🌟

💚 Keep the celebration going; Greenalou comes with three AG13 batteries that you can easily replace for endless fun. 🔋🔄

💚 Stretching a full 16 inches, Greenalou offers ample size for waving high in the crowd, making your support visible from afar. 📏👋

💚 Sleek and slender at 1.5 inches in diameter, Greenalou is the perfect grip for hands of all sizes to join in the cheer. ✋💚

💚 Dive into the excitement with a simple push on Greenalou’s button, igniting a light show that rivals the main event. 🔘🎆

💚 With the Blink function, Greenalou mimics the heartbeat of your favorite tune, pulsing along to the rhythm of the night. 💚🎶

💚 Flash mode turns Greenalou into a strobing spectacle, perfect for pumping up the energy levels to maximum. ⚡🎉

💚 The Steady setting on Greenalou offers a constant stream of green brilliance, a symbol of unwavering support. 🛡️🌟

💚 Greenalou isn’t just a glow stick; it’s a 16″ wand of wonder, casting a jade aura over every chant and cheer. 🧙‍♂️✨

💚 Wave Greenalou with pride, as its size and bright LEDs make it not only a stick but a statement of spirited solidarity. 🎈🙌

Quantity Price
1-2 $2.49
3-5 $2.44
6-8 $2.39
9-11 $2.34
12-71 $2.29
72-143 $2.24
144-287 $2.19
288-575 $2.09
576+ $1.99

Hey there! Greenalou’s the name, and I’m here to turn your cheer game up to an electric green! 🌟🍀

At a whopping 16 inches of pure pep rally power, I’m the green giant of spirit sticks, minus the beans. 🌱🏈

Crafted from the whitest foam and infused with the spirit of jade green LEDs, I glow with the might of a thousand fireflies. 💚✨

Just one press of my secret underside button and I’ll cycle through a trio of light shows faster than you can say “Go team!” 🎚️🎉

Worried about batteries? Fear not! I come with three AG13s that you can swap out faster than a halftime show. 🔋🔄

My three electrifying modes – Blink, Flash, and Steady – are perfect for every chant, cheer, and victory dance. 🕺🔦

Blink mode is like my heartbeat, pulsing with every chant of victory. Flash is my wild side, flickering like a disco ball. And Steady? That’s my marathon mode, shining long and bright. 🏃💡

I’m the emerald beam in a sea of fans, a beacon of unity, and a green light for fun. 🎶🌊

So if you’re looking to pump up the crowd or just need a green companion for Mardi Gras, look no further. Greenalou is at your service! 🎭🤝

Grab your Green LED Foam Light Stick today, and let’s make some memories that will glow as long as I do. Ready, set, shine! 🚦🌟